Boynapped – Sean Has A Slave Mouth To Feed!

We all love fucking a wet sucking mouth, right guys? You’re all going to be jealous of Sean in this latest oral delivery. Someone has left him a very nice gift in the shape of a naked Xavier, roped down to the stack of pallets and ready to be enjoyed. He wastes little time, making full use of that mouth as he climbs up to feed his slave. Xavier is an obedient boy, but how could he not be with that juicy glistening uncut dick in his face? He gobbles and sucks, but Sean isn’t ready to cum just yet, he needs to taste some slave boy hole and gets his mouth between those cheeks thanks to the rope rig he has in position to lift those legs. The hot wax poured over the boy is a little something extra, but Xavier remains defiant through the pain. With his goals almost accomplished Sean feeds the boy his cock again and finishes off by decorating Xavier’s face with hot ball juice!