Broke Straight Boys – Johnny & Skyler

Skyler Daniels and Johnny Forza start this update right out of the gate with some passionate tongue dancing. The two hug each other as they kiss and smooch. When they get naked, there is some wood to be seen. Kissing always does the trick! Johnny blows first. He tries to swallow all of Skyler, but has a difficult time getting all the meat down his throat. Skyler isn’t complaining. He’s grooving to those soft lips on his tool. Johnny must be having a good time too because his sausage is plumping. He comes up from his duties and places sweet kisses on Skyler’s face. Soon it’s Skyler’s turn to show his oral skills. He licks up and down Johnny’s pole like it’s an ice cream cone. Even looks up to make sure he’s doing right. Johnny is having a grand old time. Would you?
Skyler sucks and nibbles on that johnson, like he’s looking for a tasty liquid treat. “Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. He sits up and puts a condom on. Skyler straddles the Garden State stud, and takes a seat on that dick. The camera gives a great view of Skyler’s ass swallowing all Johnny can give. Skyler bounces up and down, making sure he can get used to the anal invasion. Johnny let’s Skyler do all the work for now. Skyler’s moans are so sexy. There’s a moment when the tool slips out of Skyler’s hole, and both boys sound so disappointed. Skyler gets on his back, and Johnny takes over. Grabs Skyler by the thigh and ankle, and pumps away. Skyler takes each stroke because his joy button is getting mashed with each stroke. Johnny is lost in the fuck, doing what he can to make himself and Skyler nut. The fucking is steady and persistent. Skyler brings his thighs to his chest, grabbing the soles of his feet. Johnny smacks one of Skyler’s pale cheeks to let him know who owns that ass. Skyler’s cum shoots up, and lands on his chest. Johnny pulls out and dumps his load all over Skyler’s pubes. And we call it a day with some kissing. Such sexy studs!