Bare Twinks

Bare Twinks – Bareback Top Twink On Demand



Dylan is a gorgeous boy, naturally he has a lot of equally gorgeous friends who will always drop whatever they’re doing to come and stick their big bare cock in his snug little rump! He’s got some time to himself and James is the first boy to get the call, that’s all it takes, he’s on his way over in moments. As soon as he arrives the two stunning boys are making out and sucking those cocks, showing off those smooth and sexy twink bodies and slurping the precum out of each other.
James’ gorgeous cock slides into Dylan’s pucker and the pounding is on. Watch as the slim lad takes it from above, gets it doggy at the end of the bed and lays back over the edge to take it deeper still, jerking his juices out over himself and taking a shower of milky cream all over his balls while James unloads! As the raw sticky dick slides back into his ass the boys pant with satisfaction, as do we.

Bare Twinks – Three Greedy Bareback Boys


Fit boy Andrew is in heaven with long-haired twink Jamie and blond boy Dylan. The two are eager to share his hard cock between them, taking their turns to suck and stroke him while the other makes out with the handsome lad, but that’s not all they’ll be sharing! Although usually a top boy, Andrew can’t wait to give his ass up for these boys to share, sucking both the boys before inviting them to feed and fuck him raw. The guys take their turns, each cramming their raw cock into fit boy Andrew’s hole, but it’s the chain fucking that will likely make you wish you were in the middle of that raw meat sandwich. Jamie is balls-deep in Andrew with Dylan pumping his hole too, it’s no wonder the cum loads they share are messy!

Bare Twinks – Anal Virgin Jacob Has A Very Tight Hole



Jacob is a hot 20-year-old about to give us, and gorgeous lad James, something special. He’s an anal virgin, and he’s excited to be trying to take a cock in his tight little hole for the first time. He’s nervous, but we’ve teamed him up with the perfect top boy. The two start out with a little kissing but soon those dicks are out and the boys are swapping oral. Jacob knows a thing or two about sucking cock, but we all know why we’re here, and it’s to see that tight hole getting stuffed with dick! James has to take his time, the boy’s pucker is so tight he can’t get his dick in there very easily, but they persist and try a few positions before Jacob is unexpectedly pumping a massive load of cum over his slim body!
I guess he liked getting fucked for the first time, but they need to take a little break before James gets himself off with a second round of butt cramming late into the evening. Finally Jacob gets that cum pumped over his ass and James eases the head of his wet dick back in to leave some of his load behind.

Bare Twinks – Smooth Sub Boy Is Well Used


Maxx loves things a little kinky, so it’s a good thing he has a bareback boy like Jason to have some fun with! He’s been bound and gagged and left in the corner with his ass on show for a little while, but when Jason starts with some light flogging he knows the fun is about to really begin. Shoved on the bed and spanked with a leather paddle his rump is ready for filling. Jason slides his bare boner in, his cock made even harder by the leather harness and built-in cock ring. With a little pounding of the boys butt Jason decides to get a little fucking himself, sliding his ass down on his lover’s turgid inches and riding his pal before slipping his dick right back up inside Maxx, fucking him until his tanned and smooth body is splashed with both their messy loads!

Bare Twinks – Raw Criminal Cock Riding


Justin is a common criminal, entering homes and snooping around for something valuable. He’s picked the right house in this case, soon discovered hiding in the pantry by slim and sexy Dylan who proceeds to treat him like a healthy snack! The boy doesn’t hesitate, grabbing the blond intruder and planting his lips on his, quickly working down to his fast growing cock and servicing the unexpected guest. Justin might just be glad that the boy hasn’t called the cops yet, but he’s soon greedily slurping that boner in return and being led to the bedroom. As clothes come off Justin’s criminal hole gets quickly stuffed with the big dick of the boy he was about to rob, fucked against the wall, riding those inches on the bed, rammed from behind and made to shoot his cream before being finally punished with a cum load right to the face! And they say crime doesn’t pay!

Bare Twinks – Sweet James Takes Control



Maxx has a famously tight little ass, which is what makes fucking the boy bareback even better for a boy like gorgeous James! The two spend a little time making out and getting friendly, but the moment they have the chance to start sucking on those stiff young poles the boys are swapping their stiffies and slurping those tools.
bt419_jamesstirling_maxxrivers_10-ebbt419_jamesstirling_maxxrivers_09-ebbt419_jamesstirling_maxxrivers_06-ebbt419_jamesstirling_maxxrivers_05-ebWhen James gets that tanned little ass in front of him he doesn’t hold back, easing in slowly and filling the boy before picking up the speed and humping his hot little rump! Maxx might be tight, but he loves getting his pucker invaded by a raging stiffy, fucked on his back and taking it from behind at the end of the bed until his cock is launching fresh twink cream. With his raw hole well used and James on the edge of blasting Maxx gets into position, taking a shower of juice and a taste of his lover’s wad.

Bare Twinks – Caught With A Big Dildo


Young Dylan has been cheating, kind of. The shaggy-haired little hottie has a brand new toy, a big veiny dildo for his hot little ass, and he’s been fucking himself with it while his lover boy Payton has been at work. Strangely, Payton isn’t impressed when he catches his lover fucking his hole with that thing, his cock is definitely bigger than the toy he’s using and he knows how to put it all right with his own big bareback cock. He’s soon showing the sexy little thing that nothing can replace his long, throbbing, warm meat in that naked little hole, feeding the boy his incredible dick and pounding his lover boy all over the bed and leaving Dylan dripping cum!

Bare Twinks – Robin Is Too Distracted For Games


It’s perhaps inevitable than when friends like Robin and Andrew are hanging out and playing computer games things are going to take a turn. They have the house to themselves and Robin just can’t focus with that cute little ass and delicious dick right there. He doesn’t have to try too hard to get redhead Andrew naked, sucking on each other in a 69. Soon enough the pale boy is impaling his naked butt on that throbbing boner and taking a ride on Robin’s shaft! Getting it a little deeper from behind he decides to take control, plunging his own boner into Robin and fucking the cream out of him, finishing off with a load to the boy’s handsome face! Who cares about their score in the game when there’s cum to share?

Bare Twinks – Sensual Bareback Buddies


With the place to themselves Jamie and Andrew can take their time with each other in the bedroom, making out and revealing their hard young cocks, taking turns to lick and suck their juicy dongs as the pleasure and need to fuck rises. Fit young Andrew is craving it good and deep, and that’s exactly what long-haired lover boy Jamie intends to give him, easing the tip of his naked shaft between those smooth butt cheeks and puncturing his pucker. Sliding his raw meat in and out in sensual humps of his slim hips he takes his buddy to the edge of pleasure, fucking him from behind with his naked tool, making Andrew gush a splashing fountain of semen from his raging boner. With his ass flexing and twitching around his bare tool it’s only moments before Jamie needs to empty his own balls, pulling out in time to deliver a leaping explosion of teen cock cream over his friend’s well-worked rump!

Bare Twinks – His Long Cock Feels So Good!


It’s no wonder Chris Summers wanted to get on that cock when he saw the new boy for the first time. They’ve met and had an instant connection, within moments those cocks are out and Summers is greedily slurping on that gorgeous length. His hairless pucker can’t wait to slide down on that dick, riding his new friend and then taking it from behind over the edge of the bed. Tucker clearly knows what he’s doing, he pounds that butt with long and deep strokes, his meat sliding up and pulling out until Summers’ is erupting his load out over himself and Tucker is pulling out to join in with him! With our bottom boy dripping in jizz Tucker leaves a lasting impression by jabbing his wet dick right back up inside the boy!

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