Boy Gusher – Bound & Blown

30 Boy Gusher - Bound & Blown

Zach needed to look for something in the warehouse and he took Ryan. Since it was there first time in the warehouse, they were both surprised what they saw. Nude pictures taped to the wall, a chair with straps and a futon. It was kind of strange but as the two boys were checking out the pictures on the wall, Ryan started getting hard and Zach noticed his bulge and his cock growing in his pants.

Boy Gusher – Morning Stretch

26 Boy Gusher - Morning Stretch

I was super horned up so before I took a shower, I decided to feel my cock and jerk off. I closed my eyes and I versioned I was fucking a hot Brazilian tranny with huge tits and a big ass, she was sucking my cock at first and my cock was moist as hell but it was really the lubed I put onto my cock.