BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Gabe Isaac



Adorable teen Jake Olsen might not know much English, but he can certainly see a perfect opportunity for some awesome BoyFun with another hot young man when he sees it. Gabe Isaac is new in town and he needs to find the college, but when he invites the local lad back to his pad to help him get his bearings their language barrier leads to something far more exciting than a local geography lesson. It stands to reason that Jake would get the wrong idea, he’s the kind of boy who’s always being picked up in the street. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gabe isn’t at all reluctant to make out with his new guest, but the real fun starts when he discovers the impressive length of uncut cock the incredibly fit young twink has for him to suck.

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BoyFun – Nick Danner – Jake Olsen


Long-haired boy Jake Olsen is a tempting sight, sitting alone by the big old church in the middle of town, taking a break from his touristy activities. It’s clear he would like some company, so of course young local lad Nick Danner is quickly joining him. The promise of some hot and steamy BoyFun is soon apparent when the visiting twink comments on his new friend’s eyes. As far as introductory statements go it’s a good choice and soon has Nick inviting the young man back to his place, an offer hastily accepted. There’s no waiting, as soon as they’re in Nick’s apartment they’re making out on the couch and our sexy young host is making a beeline for the growing shape of his guests hard young cock in his shorts. Jake has an incredible cock, long and slender, with a big juicy tip and a sheath of skin, a glorious young erection which Nick clearly enjoys licking and sucking.

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BoyFun – Antony Carter – Taylor Blaze


Sporty boy Antony Carter won’t say no to a game of strip snap when his friend Taylor Blaze offers, he always seem to have luck on his side and his quick reflexes usually means he’s the first to call it. After only a few rounds Taylor is down to his tight little undies and his big cock is already out and throbbing. If Antony was unsure whether this was going to lead to some BoyFun at the start the sight of that big throbbing teen cock is all the evidence he needed. Within moments he’s lost the next round and his cock is out too, signalling the start of the two friends locking lips and stroking each other, their hard erections leaking precum from their swollen tips while they move their innocent game of cards to a full-on bareback butt banging. The smooth boys trade their boners with equal vigor, their wet tongues lapping at each other, their rigid dicks twitching and bouncing, their balls churning over in their sacks as the pleasure of their shared oral encourages the production of lashings of twink cum.

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BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Casper Ivarsson



Those of an older generation will likely remember the days of grainy VHS tapes and stolen porn magazines from the close of a good friend’s dad, but these days boys like Jake Olsen have it all far easier. It’s literally delivered right to their phones, a billion awesome movies and photos to stroke along to. He’s kicking back and enjoying a little afternoon self pleasure, stroking his rigid uncut cock while watching some hot BoyFun action, when lucky friend Casper Ivarsson arrives to catch him in the act. Surprisingly Jake isn’t at all distracted by the presence of his handsome buddy, but then again who would be? Within moments the fit young arrival is convincing his hung little buddy to give up the phone for something more, and it goes without saying that Jake is down to get the real thing. The two begin with a little oral and stroking, their stiff erections soon glistening with spit and precum while the two trade blowjobs and strip naked.

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BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson – Alan Caine


There are those of us who are always looking for the silver lining in any situation, the optimists who work hard to find the good in every bad situation. Then there are boys like Casper Ivarsson, guys who just have awesome opportunities falling into their lap, quite literally! The slender lad has locked himself out and has been sitting on the stairs presumably just waiting for things to turn around and work out well when his sexy neighbor Alan Caine arrives to assist. Casper takes it as an invitation when the handsome young man takes him to “wait” in his bedroom, a seemingly obvious offer of some BoyFun which the horny young man quickly accepts, dragging his dark-haired pal to the bed with him and kissing his sexy lips. Within a few moments their shirts are off and Casper is lapping at a nipple, quickly becoming great friends with his neighbor, but soon progressing to the large mound of cock in his pants. With their dicks out and damp with precum Casper shows his appreciation to the good Samaritan, slurping his gorgeous uncut cock into his mouth and working it with his lips and tongue, exploring the young man’s balls and taint with his oral experience.

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BoyFun – Max London – Jake Olsen



Max London runs into twink Jake Olsen sitting in the hallway of his apartment complete. Jake doesn’t speak much English at all, so they decide to go into the apartment to use google translator. Turns out when you just want to fuck a twink boy, you don’t need words, and these two use eyes to let each other know its on! Jake Olsen pounds away at the ass of Max bareback until his mushroom tip cock explodes with cum.