College Dudes

CollegeDudes – Gage Anderson Fucks Kellan Lane


Gage Anderson and Kellan Lane team up to give us some hot college fucking in this video. Gage and Kellan both have a fairly unlimited appetite for hot sex, and neither of them have any problems keeping the action hot and heavy! Gage and Kellan undress and Gage goes down immediately on Kellans hot dick. We love seeing Gage give a blowjob – he is definitely one of the best! Kellan loves it so much he can barely contain his excitement! Soon, Kellan has his lips wrapped around Gages cock – getting Gage ready to stick it in another hole. After a few minutes of hot deep-throating and cock-sucking, Kellan bends over and offers up his hot ass to Gage. (more…)

CollegeDudes – Gage Anderson Busts A Nut


Gage Anderson is an 18 year old hottie from the Mid-Atlantic, with multiple interests and a rocking tight lean bod. Gage is somewhat quite at first, very polite, and always interested in looking his best. Thankfully, as he undresses he keeps looking even better! From a nice six-pack, to strong legs and a rock hard cock, Gage is perfect from head to toe! Gage works it up sitting down, and it does not take him long. As he plays with his dick, Gage closes his eyes and begins audibly enjoying himself. (more…)

CollegeDudes – Sergio Valen Fucks Gage Anderson


Sergio Valen and Gage Anderson are amazingly hot together in their first fuck scene. Sergio is the buff powerful macho dude next to Gage and his young sexy eagerness. Gage and Sergio certainly hit it off! After making out, and getting to see Gage worship Sergios muscled bod, Gage goes right down to his knees to give Sergio a great blowjob. Gage loves Sergios dick, and it shows. Sergio obviously enjoys Gages skills as well, but before long the tables are turned and Sergio gives a try at licking and sucking on Gages rock hard cock. (more…)

CollegeDudes – Kellan Lane & Gage Anderson


Gage Anderson is one of our newest College Dudes, and we decided to see how he gets along with Kellan Lane. Kellan and Gage have a great chemistry, and each of these guys is really turned on by one another. Kellan takes control of the younger Gage immediately, grabbing his neck and pulling him in for a kiss. The making out is very sensual, and as they kiss, Kellan and Gage are grabbing each others crotch until each has a cock bursting the seams of their pants! As the underwear come off, Gage is instantly down on Kellans dick – Gage know how to give one hell of a blowjob, and he is very eager to impress Kellan. (more…)

CollegeDudes – Brayden White Busts A Nut


Brayden White is a 19 year old college freshman with a smooth lean body. We met Brayden and really liked his sense of style and his great personality. Fortunately, we get to see a lot more than that! Brayden is not shy when it comes to getting out of his clothes and working up his dick. Brayden talks a bit about his love for basketball and his love for sex, and then he whips out his cock and starts stroking. As he jerks it, his face reddens up a little and his breathing increases – he is really getting into it. Soon he lays out on his side and plays with his balls as he focuses intently on the tip of his dick. Brayden stretches his long smooth legs and goes all out. As he gets closer to climax, he begins to jerk his dick a lot harder, and as his leg muscles tense up you know a big load of cum is just around the corner. Brayden sprays all over his lower abs and dick, with a lot remaining on his hand. He continues to stroke his dick with his creamy fingers, slowing down and letting out a big sigh of relief.

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