Doggy Boys

DoggyBoys – A Tempting Virgin Twink Hole


Curious boy Dennis has certainly been getting more and more daring lately. The gorgeous long- haired student is again ready to play, returning home from classes with his thick uncut erection straining in his underwear. Watch as the sexy teen poses in the mirror, showing off his smooth and pale body, revealing his perfect virgin twink hole and stroking his girthy young cock in his experienced fist. The boy steps into the shower to cool down, but the sight of the water flowing over his snug pucker only gets our temperature rising. With his cum load building and the pleasure arriving in waves the gorgeous boy prepares to splash his hot milky cream over the glass, as if aiming to cum all over another hard cock for the first time. As semen splashes from his swollen helmet the boy is finally relieved, but for how long?

DoggyBoys – His friend has a big bare cock


Leo Alfano has a pretty big twink dick himself, so he can appreciate the sight of a generous dick on a friend. Felix Lund has never shown his pal his own cock before, but while they’re on a cigarette break and chatting about how horny they both are it soon becomes clear that they’re both a little curious about what’s in his pants. After heading inside Leo confesses that he would really like to see his friend’s big uncut dick, and taste it too! A boy like Felix doesn’t need much persuasion to share his boner and within moments the delicious length is out of his pants and sliding in and out of lucky Leo’s hungry mouth! The boy might not be as experienced as some of Felix’s other friends but he knows how to encourage the boy into sharing a little more. Leo’s own long dick is quickly revealed, a throbbing shaft of uncut dick with big swinging balls. Felix gets a taste, slurping the clear juice leaking from his friend’s erection, but it’s only the start of the fun he wants to have. Leo’s perfect little hole is so snug, so inexperienced, but he can take it well. Felix sinks his naked cock into the boy, fucking him on his back with deep strokes, then giving his little pal a ride on his big boner too before he finally takes them both to the limits of pleasure. Pulling out and giving his big bare cock a few more strokes Felix pumps a healthy mess of semen all over the boy’s freshly fucked hole, smearing his cream around. It’s a perfect finish for him, but the mess he takes over his chin and lips when Leo starts to pump his own goo from his cock is the ultimate treat!

DoggyBoys – Boy Hole Fingering For Karol


Like most of us Karol Gajda is spending almost all of his time at home right now, and you know it’s not easy for a boy who loves to meet new guys for horny fun every few days. We’re joining the twink for a workout, watching as the boy stretches his smooth and slim body, showing off in his loose little shorts. It goes without saying that a little workout should end with a cum load splashed and soon enough the boy is playing with his rigid slender cock and fingering his snug little boy hole. He looks so adorable, so slight and twinky, but you know he loves a good hard pounding from a dominant top. He’s used to hard bareback cocks sliding up to get him off, but for now he’ll have to make do with his own hand around his aching boner and his fingers teasing and probing his tender butt to get his splashing cream spewing out over the floor. When normal times return you know the first thing he’s going to do is find a friend to satisfy his needs with their tool.

DoggyBoys – Leisurely twink masturbation


After a long day in class all young Ivo Kraus wants to do is please his raging erection. We join him on the couch, his incredible cock already starting to throb in his pink shorts. He reveals his length through the leg hole, an immense length of teen dick which is soon rigid in his pumping hand. With his body on full display and his shorts slipped off the boy gets to work, soon showing us perhaps why he’s so horny. He kneels to show his virginal ass, a green stone glinting to indicate the toy deeply wedged inside. We don’t know how long he’s been enjoying the sensation, but his cock is so hard and ready to unload we imagine it’s been a while. Laying back to focus his attention on his engorged teen cock both hands get to work, sliding up and down, easing his foreskin over the damp tip and back again. The pleasure is so intense he has to take his time, this is no quick wank for a boy in such desperate demand of release, he’s really enjoying it and savoring the quickly burgeoning pleasure rushing through him. Finally sitting back and preparing for the final moments the gorgeous teen gives his length a few more rubs to take himself to climax. Semen erupts from his red tip, streaks of cum firing off into the air to splash down over his smooth young body, pump after pump of warm juice spewing out to decorate his chest and stomach.

DoggyBoys – Twink Boy Dildo Play With Karol


Karol Gajda is alone at home and looking for a little company, but although inspired by the sight of some big juicy cocks on his phone he knows he has the tools to satisfy himself until he can meet up with a new boy. He’s experienced when it comes to twink boy dildo play, he’s got some great toys to enjoy but we’re here to see him playing with his favorite. Watch as the sweet teen reveals his jock strap and smooth little body, sucking his toy and easing the head into his pucker. With a few breaths and a little massaging the toy slips in and out with ease, his hole stretching around it while his rigid cock bulges in his hand. He’s got his stroking and thrusting worked out, with one hand on his meat and the other jabbing the toy inside our cute boy lays back and spurts a big mess of cum all over himself. Satisfied, little Karol can relax, his ass flexing around the dildo still inside him.

DoggyBoys – Twink Pucker Fucked With A Toy


What do you buy for a boy like gorgeous Dennis Boer? It’s easy, you get them anything capable of giving them the pleasure they crave. The smooth long-haired boy finds a surprise on the bed, opening the lovely little bag to find a candy cane made of glass, a perfect toy for a perfect little twink pucker. The handsome young man is soon playing with his twitching little hole, a finger easing in to work himself open and ready for the long shape to slide inside. With his cock bulging between his thighs he eases the cool shape into his hole, gently thrusting, the little waves of pleasure growing with each move of his new gift inside him. His cock is throbbing and wet, his foreskin slipping over the swollen tip while he fucks himself with the smooth shape. Watch as Dennis lays back, the pleasure growing in waves until the gorgeous boy can’t stop the thick white cum from pumping from his dick, splashing out while his pucker hugs and throbs around his excellent new toy. No doubt he’ll be having a lot more fun with it after this.

DoggyBoys – Bareback Roommate Offer


Gorgeous and fit young Arthur is looking for a little no-strings fun and there are plenty of local boys who would love the opportunity to bounce on that boner, but why would a boy like this order in when there’s a delicious meal to be had at home? Blond friend Andreas is more than willing to suck that tasty uncut cock and take a raw ride on his stiff one, getting it deep in his tight little ass from behind before sliding down on Arthur’s hard young pole. With his own load pumping out over his slim and pale twink boy body he gets the final rewarding dessert he hoped for, a juicy splashing mess of warm cream from Arthur’s throbbing teen cock pumping right in his waiting mouth.

DoggyBoys – Hung Boy Leo In A Raw Massage


Leo arrives seeking a little relief from his aches and pains but Marek can tell from the sight of the young man’s growing cock that he’s happy to experience the kind of full treatment he likes to give. With the boy relaxed and glistening with oil he takes the opportunity to slide his mouth down on the long delicious uncut dick, sucking his new customer with skill. His own cock is quickly revealed for Leo to admire, reaching out to stroke it, standing to enjoy some innocent mutual rubbing while their lengths frot together. Leo might not have asked for such a specialized treatment but with his big twink boner bouncing and wet and the tight hairless hole of his new masseur offered for him to ease into he doesn’t waste a moment, fingering the pucker and inching his naked shaft inside. He’s never had a massage like it, but by the time he’s made his masseur splash cream and erupted his own hot cream over Marek’s smooth chest he’s sure to be booking another visit.

DoggyBoys – A Bareback Twinks Plush Bed


Leo Alfano might not technically be an interior designer but he’ll use any tactic he can to get a friend like Marek Svoboda into the bedroom. After leading the boy into the room and revealing the very temping bed he’s prepared for them the young man is soon flopping onto it and being welcomed with a kiss. That’s all gorgeous little Marek needs, he’s in it for everything he can get as the two make out and slowly strip, their slim and smooth teen bodies revealed for each other. Within moments Marek is heading for the shape of his friend’s incredible cock, one just a bit bigger than his own impressive shaft. Can he handle such a big and tasty boner in his mouth? Sure he can, licking and sucking the head to get the taste of delicious precum sliding down his throat. With his cute little butt still covered with sexy white cotton Marek gets some dick rubbing against it, but soon enough Leo us returning the favor and gobbling his pal’s juicy dong. It’s hot enough seeing these boys pleasuring those schlongs with such hunger but when Leo takes aim at that tight little ass and pushes his long and naked cock into him we know we’re in for an amazing bareback ride. Young Marek knows a thing or two about being a bottom but even he struggles with the size of his new friend’s cock, switching positions for some deep and sensual spooning before taking control and riding Leo’s length. The sensation of easing his butt up and down that naked dick quickly has lucky Marek furiously stroking his own raging boner, finally launching a copious cum splashing climax and soaking little Leo with semen. A good delivery like that deserves a reward, one Leo soon is soon splashing over the cute boy’s mouth and face while Marek laps at the gooey juices.

DoggyBoys – Twink Fingering Gets Him Off


Gorgeous young Bohumil is looking even more adorable than usual in his glasses, but we’re soon distracted by the fact that his cock is barely concealed by a loose little loincloth. This long white socks and t-shirt finish the sexy look, but as his dick starts to throb under the loose material and we check out his perfect little naked ass we’re eager to see everything. He’s soon giving in to his hard young erection, as any boy would. With his boner in his hand he sets to work, slowly removing the rest of his clothes and bending over to show his most private area. The teasing of his pink little hole only seems to encourage him. Laying back on the bed he dips a finger into his warm hole, then another. He loves the feel of probing digits inside his tight pucker, and we love to see him exploring, too! Watch as the pleasure grows for the fit young star, his cock bulging and a sexy moan escaping his lips as semen begins to pump from his cock to rain down over his naked body.

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