Filling His Friend With Hot Cum


After being caught fucking his own ass with toys Marek gets the real thing from his gorgeous friend Kenton. The boy takes over the ass play, fucking his buddy with his toys and playing with his big dick, tasting the precum leaking from Marek’s long tool. With the boys pucker relaxed and open for more Kenton aims his naked cock and slides his tip into his buddy, following it with every naked inch of hard young meat.
Marek loves the feel of his friend sliding in and out of his hole, it feels so much better than the toys he’d been playing with and soon enough he’s wanking the cum out of his dick and making a hot mess over his naked body! The feel of his pucker twitching around Kenton’s cock gets him closer, too. While ramming his buddy from behind his dick starts to convulse as cum pumps from his tool inside his friend’s guts! The boy pulls his boner out and watches his own cum oozing from his friend’s well-used hole, dripping down his big balls.

A creamy treat for Lucho & Randi


There’s no doubt about it, young and adorable Lucho Cordell knows how to get the attention of his horny roommate Randi Freja. He arrives on the couch with a whole plate of cream filled treats, and Randi is more than a little interested. Of course, it’s just an excuse to break the ice, and soon enough Lucho is offering something far more delicious than a creamy treat from the bakery. As the boys lock lips and make out their cocks start to swell in their tight little undies, soon revealed and throbbing with the need to be pleasured. Lucho wraps his experienced young lips around his friends smooth and solid length, sucking the clear juices from his dick. He loves the taste of his friend’s erection, but it only leads the boys to craving a lot more. Randi turns his attention to that perfect little ass, fingering his friend and toying with his pucker, warming him up for his bulging boner. Lucho slides down, his own cock bouncing and leaking as the swollen member fills him. He gets it even deeper when the boys move to the floor and Randi can take full control, leading both boys to an incredible shared climax!

Adam sucks a huge twink cock


What’s the best birthday present a horny young guy can get from a friend? Probably a huge twink cock to play with! Sweet little Leo Alfano has exactly that for his friend Adam Holub when he arrives to celebrate his friend’s birthday, but only after already giving him two normal gifts to throw him off the horny scent. With a gift of socks and a dessert treat out of the way it’s time for the real present as Leo has his friend close his eyes while he prepares. Adam has no idea what it could be, but when he sees that engorged length of gorgeous young cock in front of him he can’t wait to get sucking! It’s the best present ever between two good friends, sharing the celebration as Adam slides that wet and delicious cock into his mouth and starts sucking.

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Alone time with a boy squirting cum


Teen boy Arthur Vink has been at college all week, hitting the books and studying hard, but now he has some time to himself he knows how best to use it. He abandons his novel and turns his attention to the real priority; the growing cock in his denim shorts. The delicious young geeky boy has a big load to splash from his erection, and if you love seeing a boy squirting cum you’re gonna want to enjoy his solo pleasures with him until the end. As he plays with his growing shaft and reveals his incredibly long and hard cock you can’t help but join in, wishing you were there to teach him some new things. Although he’s quite innocent he clearly doesn’t need an education in masturbation, his cock is soon wet with spit and precum as he slides his foreskin back and forth over that sensitive red tip. Watch as he plays with his slightly hairy hole, teasing his pucker and showing off his tempting ass, inviting you to come and experience it. The stroking builds and builds as his generous boner gets harder and harder, finally erupting in a massive climax. See the boy squirting cum right over his shoulder, with shot after shot of milky semen pumping over his perfectly smooth body.

Blond boy strokes his big teen cock


Cute little blond teen Andreas is a messy eater, he’s spilling water down his t-shirt, but it’s a perfect excuse for him to take his clothes off and give us the show we all want. His big teen cock is son bulging in his underwear while he slips a hand into his shorts, but we crave more. Stripping down to his underwear we see one of the most tempting little butt holes, on display and twitching with delight while he wants and probes. Imagine sliding your tongue into that 18-year-old ass, soon to be replaced by your cock while he wanks himself off. Maybe that’s what he imagining while he lays back and strokes his length, finally sending a shower of semen splashing from his erection to rain down over his slim body!