French Twinks – Arthur’s Initiation


For his very first time in front of the cameras the young Arthur Dulac enjoys a short getaway to the beach with the handsome Justin Leroy. While playing in the water and tanning side by side on the rocks, the complicity between the two boys grows quickly as their dicks that stiffen visibly in their swimsuits. After warming up under the sun, Justin and Arthur go back to the apartment and continue to kiss while masturbating each other. The two twinks are naked, their cocks hard and Justin begins to suck Arthur whose breathing accelerates ..

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French Twinks – Sporty Bet


Jules Laroche is very playful and loves to challenge his friends. The young twink today gave Justin Leroy an appointment at the gym for a muscular challenge whose stake is simple “the loser will give his ass” to his opponent! The two boys clench their teeth and use all their strength to achieve a maximum of “dip” pull-ups but Jules seems much more trained than Justin and wins the challenge hands down. The game is the game and Justin who would loved to taste Jules’ ass complies with the rules. Jules starts by eating Justin’s little hole with passion before fucking him wildly against the sports machines and then on the ground in sporting positions. As usually, Jules is energetic, powerful and dominant and his thick cock will leave a memorable memory to the young blond who moans like never before. Justin will ejaculate powerfully while he is being fucked and Jules will then cover in hot cum Justin’s balls still glistening with sweat.

FrenchTwinks – A Good Catch


On a beautiful summer day Jules is fishing in a small creek, while a few meters from him, Ethan, feet in the water, is trying to catch crabs between the rocks.
The young twink looks innocent with his landing net, but appearances are misleading because Ethan came to this beach with the intention to fish for cock… and a fat one! The little charmer approaches Jules, his boxer still wet and comes to sit next to him.
Ethan begins to caress the shoulder of Jules who has perfectly understood the handsome ephebe’s intentions and the two boys start to kiss and caress in front of the sea before continuing their intercourse in the privacy of a room.

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French Twinks – Orgy at the Gym


It smells of great effort and sweat in this gym attended exclusively by beautiful twinks! Paul Delay and Maël Dumas train in pairs while Jules Laroche is on the bench press and the British athlete Alex Faux goes on flip-back and does the splits. While Paul helps Mael to make push-ups by supporting him by the hips, the shorts of the twink slides and reveals his cock in full erection! Paul, who suspected that the young Mael had a boner is dying laughing, Jules sprays a mouthful of water at the absurdity of the situation and Alex jumped from his gym bench to observe his buddies with interest. Of course Paul will not leave Mael in this state of sexual tension and he kneels to suck him. Jules and Alex begin jacking off, exchanging smouldering eyes and then all mix to suck, eat ass and fuck with energy. The three French boys will end squirting on Alex’s angel face, who covered in hot semen will cum in turn.

FrenchTwinks – NTC The Show Goes Crazy


To end this first season of Naked Twink Contest in style, the boys have prepared a little surprise for their host Doryann Marguet. While Doryann presents the rules of a new game that has to compete in the hot tub between Jules Laroche and Cole Patrick, Lucas, Justin, Dylan, Devin and Felix run screaming and throw themselves in the water. The game is interrupted and Doryann is despairing of the lack of professionalism of these young twinks. It’s impossible to continue recording the show and Doryann decides to take a well-deserved break by joining the seven boys in the hot tub.
French and American kiss, caress, jack off and suck each other under the hot sun of California before joining the bedroom to have fun in a king size bed. Blowjobs, rimming, spanking, deep penetrations and partners exchanges will punctuate this amazing orgy in which the 4 French are top and literally fuck America!
The adorable Dylan Hart will receive in turn the cumshots of his partners and be covered with sperm from head to toe. Doryann Marguet is also so excited that he will squirt twice on this little angel face.

French Twinks – Young & Curious Boys


Paul Delay is quietly jacking off in his bed, watching a porn video and he doesn’t imagine that his young roommate Mael Dumas is hidden behind the curtain and observes him while masturbating. Despite his efforts to remain discreet Mael is surprised by Paul who looks as surprised as delighted with the odd situation. Asked if he is gay, Mael replies he’s curious and Paul invites him to join him in the bed. The two boys kiss passionately, fondle each other and the sensual play takes a more sexual turn when Mael begins to suck his roommate fingering his ass. Paul moans and plays with his ass to excite even more Mael before sucking him in turn. Mael is more and more excited, his cock is hard as wood and he can not resist to taste the pretty ass that is offered to him. The two twinks will fuck with incredible passion, a lot of sensuality and complicity until exploding of pleasure.

FrenchTwinks – NTC Eat My Donut


In this new challenge of “Naked Twink Contest” Doryann Marguet welcomes Lucas Bouvier for France and the young Cole Patrick for the United States. The two boys will have to be very greedy since the goal of the game is to eat the maximum donuts in a set time… while hung around the dick of their opponent!
Who of the French or the American will be the most voracious? Which of the two twinks will win the right to get sucked today?

French Twinks – Day After Party


To celebrate their first meeting Enzo Lemercier and Alex Faux party all night and the awaken is difficult. Despite having hell of a headache Enzo quickly finds a smile by discovering that his beautiful English guest is at his side, asleep on the couch. Enzo begins to caress Alex’s smooth body which slowly emerges. Still immersed in a half sleep the two beautiful boys kiss and a bump does not take long to appear in their boxers.
Alex is going to suck Enzo with incredible passion before getting his ass eaten and fingered copiously by the young French boy. The little hole of the British guy opens gradually and Enzo then sinks his hard cock to pound him in different positions. The French know-how is obviously effective since Alex will cum twice during this as wild as sensual fucking session. Enzo for his part will end in the mouth of Alex who will feast on this good made in France milk.