FrenchTwinks – NTC Words Game


In this new episode of Naked Twink Contest, Doryann Marguet welcomes Justin Leroy from France and Devin Lewis from the USA. The two players will compete in a game of translations and anatomy. The French twink must guess what mean words written in English and vice versa and then kiss the matching part on the opponent’s body.
Which of the two boys will be the most talented in language?

Who will be able to find the right words in a minimum of tries and win the right to get sucked today? We’ll never know if it’s an arbitration error or a bit of cheating from Justin, but while the video gives Devin as winner, at the time of shooting we come to a tie! Taken by surprise our star host will therefore decree that the two winning twinks will have to do a 69.
Justin and Devin suck each other, lying on the couch and their two beautiful cocks are hard as wood. They kiss and jerk off rubbing their dicks against each other, the heat rises and Justin lays Devin on the sofa to eat his balls and suck him passionately.
Then it’s Devin’s tight little ass who gets Justin’s interest and he starts fingering and licking him before fucking him hard. Devin moans and Justin pounds him harder, he wants the American feeling him deep inside.
The roles are then reversed and it’s Justin who rides Devin.
The beautiful blonde goes up and down along the cock of Devin, then he gets pounded energetically and ends up cuming while getting fucked. Justin, whose body still covered with his hot cum finally goes to take a nice splash from Devin. frenchtwinks-horizontal-banner-734w

FrenchTwinks – NTC Naked Basketball


Naked Twink Contest today presents a sporting challenge for French boy Lucas Bouvier and his American opponent Dylan Hart. The two twinks will play basketball, but of course the game will be held completely naked and as the rules say, the loser will have to suck the winner!
Our host Doryann Marguet welcomes the two players under a beautiful blue sky. While the blazing sun will make the competition very physically demanding.
Who will be the most talented in basketball and win a good outdoor blowjob? The French or the American boy?

Unfair and Perverse Punishment


Principal Marguet discovers graffiti in the immaculate toilets of the boarding school. Since the inscription is in English, for Mr. Marguet the culprit is all but found, it can only be Clark Lewis, the young British in school exchange. The student protests and swears that he’s the author of the tag but the Principal doesn’t want to know anything and orders him to clean it by slapping his buttocks with a metal ruler.
During Clark rubs the toilet wall, Paul Delay arrives and starts pissing while telling his point of view to Clark about the unfair discipline the Principal applies. The young English boy observes with fascination his comrade urinating, then he approaches suddenly and kisses Paul.
The situation is dangerous because the Principal or another student can surprise them at any time, but the two boys are terribly excited by the forbidden and start to jack off each other.

FrenchTwinks – NTC Milk Squirting


In this second episode of “Naked Twink Contest” Jules Laroche battles for France and Devin Lewis for the USA in a milky skill game. Our host Doryann Marguet welcomes the two twinks in a pretty bathroom, he draws foam targets on their bodies and the two boys, completely naked, start to squirt milk on each other full of laughter and good relaxed atmosphere.
Who of Devin or Jules will be the best milk sniper ? Will the American shoot more targets than the French? Who will win the right to get sucked today?
Jules and Devin will of course not stop at a blowjob and Jules will first devour the ass of the young American before fucking him wildly with his huge cock. Devin is in ecstasy and Jules is having great fun in an intense, accomplice and very energetic fucking session!

FrenchTwinks – Orgasmic Massage


Justin Leroy offers a massage to young Ethan Duval to welcome him to French Twinks Team. Hands of the beautiful blonde run through the hairless body of the twink and he insists on his little bubble ass molded in a jock-strap. Ethan moans and Justin begins to get hard in his boxers before turning Ethan on his back to take off his underwear.
Lying side by side in bed, the two boys are naked, kiss and jerk each other then Justin offers his hard cock to Ethan who starts to suck him. The young twink applies to lick and swallow him while deep throating that dick while his friend starts playing with his ass. Ethan is tight and Justin takes his time to prepare gently the object of his desire.
Ethan is now lying on his back, buttocks apart and his delicious little pink hole offered to Justin who licks and titillates delicately.

FrenchTwinks – NTC Human Cake Challenge


“Naked Twink Contest” is a sexy and totally crazy game designed to break the language barrier and bring physically closer our French and American twinks. The rules are simple: the events are held completely naked and the loser will have to suck the winner. Today, Justin Leroy for France and Felix Maze for the USA are hosted in a magnificent Californian villa by game master Doryann Marguet. The two cute twinks will have to face off in the kitchen through a cook off and naughty game, the “Human Cake Challenge”.
Which of the two boys will score the most points and earn the right to get sucked? How far will the foreplays lead them? Are Americans hotter than French? Find out how Justin is going to pound Felix’s little ass on the kitchen worktop and enjoy how the boys are finally going to communicate through the body language.

FrenchTwinks – Night Drive


For a few days Paul Delay shares his boarding room with Clark Lewis, a young British student. It’s time to go to bed but impossible for Paul to sleep. After having checked that his roommate is asleep, he slips a hand into his pajamas and starts to jack off discreetly. Taken by a powerful nocturnal sex impulse Paul cannot be satisfied with a quick hand-job and he starts to fingering himself before going to get a huge dildo in his closet. Trying to be as discreet as possible and choking his cries to not wake Clark, Paul uses his dildo vigorously. Totally absorbed by his activity Paul does not notice that the cute British boy woke up and is now jacking off.

FrenchTwinks – Ethan Seduces the Barman


Ethan Duval meets Bastien Leray in the bar where he works. While the twink sips a cocktail he keeps casting glances full of charm at Bastien. The two boys look at each other, smile, then Bastien takes Ethan’s hand and kisses him.
On returning home Ethan and Bastien throws themselves at each other and undress in the bed. The huge cock of Bastien is hard and Ethan begins to suck it. The young twink opens his mouth up to try to swallow this big boy without choking. Bastien sighs with pleasure and begins to tease Ethan’s ass who starts to moan while sucking.

Bastien extends Ethan on his back, spreads his legs and spits in his small tight hole to begin to open it gradually. The licks from Bastien make Ethan squeak, which encourages him to continue and who’s now waiting to taste this beautiful dick.
Bastien penetrates Ethan’s tight ass moaning loudly. The gorgeous stallion is pounding the young twink who’s in ecstasy and wanting more and harder. After being fucked while spooning, Ethan rides Bastien’s cock and goes back and forth on its full length to feel it deep inside him.
The two boys are very complicit and they will reach the orgasm at a few seconds after one another. Bastien will unload an impressive amount of cum on Ethan’s face who will delight licking his seed.

FrenchTwinks – Don’t tell my Father


The young Lucas Bouvier is summoned to the office of the Principal because he allegedly uttered homophobic insults to a teacher. Of course for the principal Marguet it’s out of the question to tolerate this kind of behavior.
If Lucas first plays the innocent, when Mr. Marguet threatens to phone his father the student begs himto do and apologizes. However, this isenough to buy the silence of the Principal who is waiting for something else from a student who says he is ready for anything to prevent his father from being made aware.
Mr. Marguet invites Lucas to approach him and rolling his chair back he reveals his fat hard cock he hid under his desk! Shocked but forced by blackmail, Lucas has no choice but to obey. The twink kneels and start sucking the dick of the Principal who delights.

FrenchTwinks – US Road Dick Episode 3


After a night of madness and debauchery in Las Vegas, Paul wakes up with Enzo, but Doryann is not in the room. Paul has a bad feeling and wonders where his lover could have disappeared without his phone or his wallet.
As Paul gets more and more worried, pacing nervously around the room, Chris and Enzo go around the city trying to find Doryann, without success. Paul remembers the events of the last night and a flashback of Doryann fucking Chris Summers with incredible passion gives him an idea.

As jealous as he is worried, Paul arrives in the room of Chris Summers and discovers Doryann being sucked off! An argument brakes out and Doryann tries to justify himself. It’s time for both lovers to have a serious discussion about the future of their relationship and to define some rules.
Chris Summer, naked in bed, is embarrassed by the French quarrel that he doesn’t understand a word of. Doryann and Paul explain, promise never to lie again and allow themselves to have sex with others as long as they participate together. So, it’s a hot threesome that will seal the new rules of their couple and take them to make a promise for life… frenchtwinks-horizontal-banner-734w