Staxus – Face it Sc.1 – Jessie Hill, Jake Hurley



Jessie and Jake wake up in bed and immediately start kissing and caressing each others bodies, Jake licks Jessie’s nipples and body returning now and then to kiss him, whilst stroking on his bulge, till the moment where Jake pulls down Jessie’s briefs revealing his cock which he immediately starts to suck and lick his balls. After a while Jake flips the boy over and spreads his ass cheeks revealing his tight hole which without a moment to spare he starts licking. With all the excitement it’s not long before Jake has his rock hard cock inside Jessie making the boy moan in pleasure with every thrust!

Staxus – Gym Hookups Sc. 2 – Nick Fox, Milan Sharp


Either Milan is dreaming of Nick sweating buckets at the gym or Nick is back from the gym, either way, these boys are horny! Nick is showing his excitement, and with the underwear out of the way, Milan is soon wrapping his lips around Nick’s cock, making him moan in pleasure, after much sucking and jerking these boys adopt a 69 position, so they can both get a taste of what each other has to offer, and clearly Milan is the lucky one who’ll get the pleasure of Nick’s dick penetrating him across different positions, and ending with a face full of cum!

Staxus – Tattooed Beaut Puts Cute Pup’s Pucker To The Sword!


When you’re as fucking divine as young David Mannix you don’t really need to introduce yourself – people are just gonna love you whatever! Indeed, you get the distinct feeling that tattooed beaut, Beno Eker, doesn’t give the slightest fuck about where the lad’s come from or what he does for a living. All he cares about is how quickly he can get Mannix out of his pants – a task he achieves with his usual panache; diving down into the young lad’s crotch to slurp on the handsome shaft that’s already throbbing for attention. Not that gobbling away on Mannix’s dick is ever gonna totally satisfy a fellow like Eker. No, he won’t be happy until he’s balls-deep in the young pup’s arse; and having allowed Mannix a brief but satisfying taste of his shaft in return, and then rimmed the lad’s hole, Eker’s soon pushing every inch of his meaty ramrod into the lad’s guts to full, cock-straining effect. And boy, Mannix loves it – gasping and groaning with every thrust, and once again proving that there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain when it comes to virgin ass. All of which comes to a cum-fuelled finale as Eker splatters Mannix’s rump, and Mannix yanks out his own tasty climax!

Staxus – Student Life Proves Its Ball-Busting Best For These Hot Buddies!



University life isn’t all about drinking, socialising and having sex. If adopted in a serious way it presents a young person with fabulous opportunities in return for a period of really hard work – and clearly Chad Johnstone is determined to be as studious as possible, given the fact that he’s reading text books in bed rather than just idling the time away. Unfortunately, Mike Cole – whose commitment to the scholarly life is self-evidently more questionable – has other ideas. That’s good news for those of us who want to see this pair of handsome young college boys rut like a couple of animals, however; and suffice it to report that it doesn’t take very long before their relatively innocent smooching has been eclipsed by a mindless desire to slurp on each other’s hard cocks.

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Staxus – Cute Rookie Gets A Load Of Spunk Up His Arse!


When cute rookie, Carl Sagan, declares to the camera that he’s bisexual and likes “young, handsome boys” – with hunky beaut Colin Horner sat behind him on the bed – you pretty much know straight off where this is all going. Putting the predictability to one side, however, is there anything hotter than watching some fresh-faced pup enjoying his first taste of life in front of the camera with someone so fucking gorgeous? Indeed, you can’t help wondering whether Sagan really appreciates how lucky he is to have such a fabulous co-star taking the lead; though in fairness the dark-haired new boy cannot be accused of holding back, as he dives deep into Horner’s briefs and starts to gobble away with all the ardour of an old-time pro. Such natural talent clearly impresses his horny co-star, that’s for sure; who promptly responds by savouring a bit of cock in his mouth for himself, before eagerly rimming Sagan’s arse and finally slipping his own badly swollen dick into the pup’s all-too-hungry guts. Cue an energetic and undeniably spunk-inducing romp that sees Horner show little mercy to his young charge; equalling Sagan’s heavy rupture with his own pucker-coating explosion!

Staxus – MASTERSTROKE, Sc.2 – Jacob Dolce, Beno Eker


It’s a perennial festive dream for many a guy, but how many lads actually get to enjoy Santa unloading his sac in person? Well, rookie STAXUS star, Jacob Dolce, is one of the lucky few; as handsome tattooed beaut, Beno Eker, arrives as a very horny Santa, ready to make the young punk’s dreams cum true! Which in this particular instance involves Eker giving the cash-strapped newbie the kind of high-octane bareback fuck that a good many of us would love any morning – not just at Christmas!

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Staxus – New Student Teases His Way To An Ass-Load Of Stiff Cock!


Teasing those we fancy has always been an essential part of courtship; so when new STAXUS student, Steve Joyce, makes off with Bjorn Nykvist’s book outside their college at the start of this filthy little escapade, you just know it’s nothing like a malicious act, rather a not-so-subtle shout of “come and get me”. What’s more, Nykvist responds just as Joyce would’ve wanted, chasing the fellow into the classroom and – after a little bit of hot pursuit round the desks – eventually falling into a heated embrace. Suffice it to say it’s not long at all before both the lads have their magnificent uncut shafts on full display; taking it in turns to feed on all the throbbing meat that’s on offer.

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