Doctor Johnson gets his ass fucked raw

Matt Johnson plays the part of a doctor who encounters a larger-than-life dick during the course of his daily routine – courtesy of young Jace Reed. clearly only too eager to get out of his clothes the moment he’s invited to do so by the medic. The apparition from behind the modesty-screen leaves the poor doctor quite literally open-mouthed! The medic then gives the big dick a thorough oral examination.
Unwilling to miss out on the action, the cheeky-looking Reed immediately returns the compliment by feasting on his doctor’s now-swollen dick-head; before then thrusting his own pulsating pole-axe deep into Johnson’s eager little pucker. The result is a fabulous over-the-desk fuck, which the two lads only top by Johnson sitting on Reed’s pole on a nearby armchair and taking every solid inch. Little wonder that both boys are soon popping their corks in a sweaty, spunk-filled crescendo!