FrenchTwinks – US Road Dick Episode 2


After their adventures in the California desert and their providential encounter with Luke Allen, Doryann, Paul, Chris and Enzo take the road back to Las Vegas.
Our four French boys excited as hell arrive to the city of vice at dusk and they intend to enjoy their evening with no limit. As the local motto says: “Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The merry band wanders into the mythical streets and places of Las Vegas by chaining cocktails and shots in a friendly atmosphere.
ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-009ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-010ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-013ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-014ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-016 Once back at the hotel Doryann and Paul kiss on the couch curled up against each other but it was without counting on the two crazy boys of the team, Chris and Enzo who decided to invite three Americans to have a last drink. This is how Justin Stone, Chris Summers and Alex Killborn find themselves sharing the after party with our French guys who are starting to kiss and undress. ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-019ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-021ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-022ft-1021-us-road-dick-ep-2-023 Far from being frightened by French customs, the young Americans follow the flow and a real orgy begins in the hotel suite. The seven boys will suck, rimm ass, jack off and fuck each other with no limits until the early morning but the awakening will reserver a bitter surprise to Paul…