Katz Gives His Mate A Hard Fuck & Facial!

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Alessandro Katz and Noah Matous seem to only have eyes for each other. Which is kind of understandable really given how fucking gorgeous they both are! Neither of these buddies can get enough of sucking dick right from the start, as they feast and gorge on one another’s cocks. But it’s Katz who eventually eases himself away so that he can give his full attention to his mate’s hairless asshole, rimming and fingering the hole for all he’s worth, before burying every inch of his rock hard shaft deep into Matous’s butt! Matous rides Katz’s handsome shaft reverse cowboy-style and cums explosively mid-fuck.
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Yet arguably it’s the sight of his cute, doe-eyed faced being whitewashed by Katz’s eruption in the final moments that will last longest in your memory.