LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie

19 year old Fernie looked like a cute innocent 19 year old twink when we first met him. And from everything he TOLD us he is. But we’re not so sure. He told us he has never had sex with a guy and that no guy has even hit on him before. We have no way of knowing whether he had sex with a guy or not but we KNOW there is no way that no guys have ever hit on him. He’s just too fucking cute.
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latinboyz-fernie-003latinboyz-fernie-004latinboyz-fernie-005latinboyz-fernie-006latinboyz-fernie-007latinboyz-fernie-008latinboyz-fernie-009 He has all the other requisite qualifications for an LBZ model: Cute face, big curved cock, lots of yummy Latino foreskin and huge balls. But we would really love to know just how innocent he really is. Age 19 – Height 5′ 11″ – Weight 140 lbs. – Mexican-American latinboyz-fernie-010latinboyz-fernie-011latinboyz-fernie-012 – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!