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DoggyBoys – Twink Boy Dildo Play With Karol


Karol Gajda is alone at home and looking for a little company, but although inspired by the sight of some big juicy cocks on his phone he knows he has the tools to satisfy himself until he can meet up with a new boy. He’s experienced when it comes to twink boy dildo play, he’s got some great toys to enjoy but we’re here to see him playing with his favorite. Watch as the sweet teen reveals his jock strap and smooth little body, sucking his toy and easing the head into his pucker. With a few breaths and a little massaging the toy slips in and out with ease, his hole stretching around it while his rigid cock bulges in his hand. He’s got his stroking and thrusting worked out, with one hand on his meat and the other jabbing the toy inside our cute boy lays back and spurts a big mess of cum all over himself. Satisfied, little Karol can relax, his ass flexing around the dildo still inside him.

Belami Online – Helmut Huxley – Kevin Warhol – Jerome Exupery


We are back in South Africa today for the next of our miniseries of scenes from the farmstead. The scene is a bit longer than usual as we wanted to include an extended intro to the scene with the trio of Helmut, Jerome and Kevin. For those of you with relatively good memories will note that as usual with Kevin driving, the boys got lost on the way to the shoot. More of a mini-movie than a scene, I won’t give away too much of the plot here but rather just leave you to watch and enjoy for yourselves. (more…)

Staxus – Fantasy Lovers Sc.2: Kirk Cane, Beno Eker



Kirk Cane comes back from a ball dance and he regrets that he didn’t talk with the handsome guys that were there, specially one. So he starts to fantasy with him, who results to be Beno Eker. Both lads are on the bed touching and kissing each other. Kirk wants to taste some of Beno’s meat and returns the favor including some rimming to prepare his ass. Soon Kirk is fucking him sensually on his back. Beno continues with the blowjobs and sits down on Kirk’s thick dick until he cums after jerking it off. Then Beno helps his sexual partner to reach the orgasm with his mouth. Kirk is so impatient to go to the next dance!

FrenchTwinks – Burning Passion


Corentin Tessier and Gabriel Lambert are peacefully lying in bed reading. Gabriel turns the pages of his magazine but exhausted by the latest crazy evening he blinks his eyes and ends up falling asleep. Corentin moved by this beautiful sleeping angel is also excited by the beautiful bump in his boxers.
Corentin takes advantage of Gabriel being asleep to caress his soft skin, his nipples, his belly, and then he slips his hand into Gabriel’s underwear and reveals his hard cock. Corentin jacks off his friend and begins to suck him. Gabriel is still asleep and he’s hard as wood.
Corentin will suck Gabriel to wake him up in the most beautiful way. A big smile on the lips the handsome twink emerges and continues his sweet dream kissing Corentin. The two boys are horny as hell and Gabriel grabs the head of Corentin to get sucked more deeply. This oral foreplay lasts several minutes and Gabriel delights in this moment of pure pleasure before starting to play with the little ass of Corentin.
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Helix Studios – Heat – hx114-scene27


When Helix hotties hit the club, it’s guaranteed to be a rowdy rave every time. When our sexy squad threw down on a recent Friday night, a couple of our models hit it off extra well and when the fun got frisky, these beautiful boys partied their way to a dance floor more comfortable. See what happens when twink perfection Tyler Hill & Noah White get together and spark up a sizzling after party of their own!

BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Lucas Drake


Young Jake Olsen has some balls, making a move on handsome young hunk Lucas Drake after only hearing the mere suggestion that the gorgeous guy might be a little curious. He might be a little waif of a guy in comparison to the fit young jock but he’s not shy when it comes to taking risks and getting some BoyFun started with a guy, a suggestion Lucas originally seems to be offended by before quickly giving in and submitting to the playful exploration. It seems the rumor is true after all, the hunky young gym-going straight guy isn’t as straight as he might seem, a fact proven when his hard uncut cock is revealed and he gets to work sucking on the incredible long boner Jake has for him to try! The mutual cock slurping between the boys on the couch only becomes more and more urgent, their hard dicks leaking precum and glistening with spit, the oral exploration soon leading to Lucas’ tight virginal straight guy hole. (more…)

Freshmen #131: Jamie Durrell & Eluan Jeunet


After seeing Eluan’s taut body and tight ass, Jamie was doubtful of Eluan’s presence as a translator. Fortunately, they are both Slovak, so Jamie has no use for Eluan’s Multilingual abilities.
However, the previously mentioned taut body and tight ass our two bonus features that Jamie is anxious to take advantage of. Jamie’s greater experience determines his topping today.
Judging by the prodigious amount of cum Jamie fucks out of Eluan, this suits him fine. (more…)

Jizz Addiction – Cock Loving Twink Takes A Ride


We arrive just in time to catch lover boys Kamyk Walker and Tristan Wood making out, their dicks hard and ready to be shared with each other as they enjoy the taste of fresh precum. Tristan, in case you hadn’t guessed, is the boy in need of a cock to ride, and his handsome young friend is more than equipped to satisfy. With his hole filled and fucked, the gorgeous boy gets a splashing of jizz before some ball licking and jerking has him making even more mess!

Staxus – Spunk-Shootin’ Scholars, Sc.1 – Bjorn Nykvist, Ron Negba


Missing a school trip might be enough to leave a lot of young students down in the dumps, but for Bjorn Nykvist and Ron Negba it presents the perfect chance to enjoy some alone time in the classroom – which of course at this filthy little institute means getting into each other’s pants at the earliest opportunity! Why, you’d almost think that the two little whores had missed their bus on purpose as they take it in turns to feast on all the hard, throbbing flesh that’s very quickly on display; and suffice it to say that it’s not long before Nykvist has his buddy bundled over a table so that he can rim Negba’s hungry little arsehole. (more…)

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