Staxus – Horny Boyfriends Splurge On A Bath-Time Celebration!


It’s always nice to celebrate landmarks in our lives, and what better way to mark the first anniversary of a relationship than to share a bottle of champagne in the bath? For Ron Negba and Carl Sagan, however, sipping fizz serves as the foretaste of what quickly proves to be a very intense, hardcore coupling; as the lads rub their aching cocks together whilst lying in the water, then take it in turns to suck each other off. Given the clear buzz between these two buddies, it should come as no surprise that the action is soon taking an even more intimate form; as Sagan positions himself on the side of the bath with his legs akimbo, allowing Negba to eagerly rim his sweet little pucker in anticipation of what we know is all set to be a hard, spunk-inducing fuck. And so it quickly proves, with Sagan riding his mate’s aching shaft in the bath; before the boys head out of the water and continue their primal mating out of the water. Given the heated nature of the coupling, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the rookie is soon enjoying a terrific hands-free climax mid-fuck; before busily gobbling away at Negba’s erupting shaft to leave his sweet, innocent face dribbling with spunk!

Helix Studios – Jacuzzi for Two – hx123-scene28


Through the scorching heat of the summer sun Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill’s hot golden bodies glisten as they relax at an outdoor resort. Feeling frisky, Corbin splashes a sun bathing Tyler till he gets his attention AND, some company in the jacuzzi. Hill hops in and gives Colby a kiss, which is all the hunk needs to get fired up! After some naughty necking and a slick handed Colby slipping Tyler’s trunks off, his boat sized boner is approaching full mast and ready for some attention. Tyler tackles the titanic tripod with a cock thirsty throat before Colby bends the boy over the jacuzzi’s edge. The strapping sex god goes for the gold, sucking cock and licking Hill’s hot hole with his pierced tongue.

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Bare Twinks – Massaging His Bare Boy Hole



It goes without saying that a massage with either young Payton or Dylan will always end with two wet and messy releases. Dylan has just started a new job and he’s enjoying a little celebratory rub down by the very talented Payton. No doubt this boy knows how to use his hands, but his cock is even more skilled when it comes to relieving some muscle tension. With his engorged meat in Dylan’s face the first taste is quickly encouraging a return of the favor, with Payton revealing his own oral skills for Dylan’s juicy tool.
The boys are seemingly equally well-equipped, but it’s Payton’s tool that’ll be put to the test when he eases his naked cock between those hot young cheeks and fucks his friend from behind. That’s hot enough, but wait until you see the scissoring move and the awesome cum delivery young Payton fires off over his hot young friend, soon joined by Dylan’s satisfied meat as he pumps his dick to a gooey finish.

8teenBoy – Teen Kiss – hx126-scene6


Taylor Coleman and Paxton Ward combine their wonder twink powers and take one another to pound town in this beautiful boy bang session! After a passionate kiss, pretty boy Pax works his way down Taylor’s smooth torso, stopping to give his nipples a little love on his way to that dick. He slobs the dude’s knob as his sexy skater boy hair hangs in his gorgeous face before Coleman offers his cock sucking services. Paxton stands up, unzips his jeans, and lets his huge trouser schnauzer come flopping out right in front of Taylor’s waiting tongue. The thirsty teen bobs up and down on the guy’s giant junk before having Pax turn around for dessert. Paxton gets that pretty pink pucker tongue punched good before Taylor tears that ass up bareback. The boys flip the script, and Paxton takes over topping, pounding Colman’s cock hungry hole till he busts. Then, Pax pulls his horse hog out and hoses the dirty blond down with blast after blast of fresh, hot nut.

DoggyBoys – Leo Spurts Some Twink Cum


Adorable Leo Alfano has a little solo time planned, kicking back on the couch and admiring some equally gorgeous boys on the internet while his long cock starts to throb in his pants. He reaches in to give it a little play, but it’s not enough, soon his jeans and underwear are sliding off to reveal his long legs and his incredible uncut cock. He’s quickly rigid in his stroking hand, his full balls hanging, a little precum seeping from the very tip of his curved length. He’s a stunning young man, but that only becomes even more apparent as he slides his sweater off to display his slim and smooth body in it entirety, a playground we would all love to explore in person. Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking of as he lays back on the couch, his eyes closed, his cock pumping in his hand as his twink cum load grows ready to be splashed from his long uncut tool in a climactic finish? The final moments of youthful play as he smears his juicy warm mess over his skin is a perfect finish.

Belami Online – Bobby Noiret – Rick Lautner – Tom Pollock


Well, it turns out the reason for part 1 being so intense is that it is a forbidden affair and naughty Rick is in fact cheating on his regular squeeze, Tom Pollock.
I don’t know that many of us are as willing to forgive as Tom is (Apparently this is not the first time Rick has strayed) but luckily, the atonement ritual seems to involve inviting Tom to join and fuck the ass of the guy who has just finished fucking his boyfriend.

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Family Dick: Big Boy Undies



It can be hard for a step-daddy to see his teen son grow up, but he knows he must soon take his first steps into adulthood. This horny step-dad takes the opportunity to show him how something as simple as big boy underwear can transform him from a boy to a man. Sporting his new briefs, this dirty daddy can’t deny just how sexy his beautiful boy is… Austin Locke, Alex Killian (you may need to grab a tissue before you reach the end of this 17 minute video clip)

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