DoggyBoys – Bareback Boys Breakfast Romp


We all love a nice lay in, but when a friend like Karol Gajda visits no sane boy would prefer to snooze. With a little curious exploration Karol discovers his sleeping friend’s quickly growing erection, his cock filling up in response to a horny dream. Karol can’t resist giving it a little stroke, rousing lucky young Adam from his horny dream and leading them both into the kind of healthy breakfast all growing boys need. In moments young Karol is stripped down to his sexy little underwear, his pale and greedy ass begging for his friend to ease inside. Adam is more than happy to oblige, first feeding his twinky friend his gorgeous uncut cock some more before turning his attention to the snug pucker between those smooth cheeks. Fucked in every position young Karol is so glad he stopped by to find his friend so ready and aroused, the cum explosion all over his well-worked hole is enough to have him ready to splash his own morning load over himself while Adam shares a sexy smooch.

Jizz Addiction – Hot And Hard Twink Dick Threesome


This is the kind of party we all want to go to! Dylan Chambers, Ashley, and Ian Frost can’t get enough of each other as they reveal their boners and swap in a horny session of jerking and sucking. Rimming comes soon after, prepping for some intense group fucking that will have every one of these three boys furiously jerking their throbbing dicks and producing a display of twink cum eruptions you’ll wish you were there to appreciate as one of the boys!

BoyCrush – Solo Boy Maxx Rivers


Maxx is a gorgeous boy, totally adorable and with a great tanned body too. He’s originally from Hawaii but now lives in Portland. He’s a very creative and artistic, he’ll paint you and put on a show too. And speaking of putting on a show, after we find out a lot about him he’s ready to get that hard cock out and give us a great solo, with a little ass play too. Enjoy his interview, and watch that teen cum fly!

Bare Twinks – Anal Virgin Jacob Has A Very Tight Hole



Jacob is a hot 20-year-old about to give us, and gorgeous lad James, something special. He’s an anal virgin, and he’s excited to be trying to take a cock in his tight little hole for the first time. He’s nervous, but we’ve teamed him up with the perfect top boy. The two start out with a little kissing but soon those dicks are out and the boys are swapping oral. Jacob knows a thing or two about sucking cock, but we all know why we’re here, and it’s to see that tight hole getting stuffed with dick! James has to take his time, the boy’s pucker is so tight he can’t get his dick in there very easily, but they persist and try a few positions before Jacob is unexpectedly pumping a massive load of cum over his slim body!
I guess he liked getting fucked for the first time, but they need to take a little break before James gets himself off with a second round of butt cramming late into the evening. Finally Jacob gets that cum pumped over his ass and James eases the head of his wet dick back in to leave some of his load behind.

DoggyBoys – Boy Hole Fingering For Karol


Like most of us Karol Gajda is spending almost all of his time at home right now, and you know it’s not easy for a boy who loves to meet new guys for horny fun every few days. We’re joining the twink for a workout, watching as the boy stretches his smooth and slim body, showing off in his loose little shorts. It goes without saying that a little workout should end with a cum load splashed and soon enough the boy is playing with his rigid slender cock and fingering his snug little boy hole. He looks so adorable, so slight and twinky, but you know he loves a good hard pounding from a dominant top. He’s used to hard bareback cocks sliding up to get him off, but for now he’ll have to make do with his own hand around his aching boner and his fingers teasing and probing his tender butt to get his splashing cream spewing out over the floor. When normal times return you know the first thing he’s going to do is find a friend to satisfy his needs with their tool.

Boy Crush – Great Things Come In Small Packages



You know what they say; great things come in small packages. Smooth and sexy young twink star Austin is new to the world of porn but this adorable young man is eager to share himself with the world in some of the best action. He’s so fit and so sexy, the kind of boy you could really throw around and enjoy. He would love that too, he loves getting his tight young ass fucked.
austinlock_interview_12austinlock_interview_13_thumbnailaustinlock_interview_14austinlock_interview_15austinlock_interview_16austinlock_interview_17austinlock_interview_18austinlock_interview_19Find out more about him in his interview, finishing off with some anal play and a big load of cum jerked out of his solid young dick! Austin is eager to get his dick out and take some great raw fucking from some of the biggest boys. He loves to ride a long cock and have a great time with a new guy, and believe me plenty of our boys want to fill that cute ass!

DoggyBoys – Twink Pucker Fucked With A Toy


What do you buy for a boy like gorgeous Dennis Boer? It’s easy, you get them anything capable of giving them the pleasure they crave. The smooth long-haired boy finds a surprise on the bed, opening the lovely little bag to find a candy cane made of glass, a perfect toy for a perfect little twink pucker. The handsome young man is soon playing with his twitching little hole, a finger easing in to work himself open and ready for the long shape to slide inside. With his cock bulging between his thighs he eases the cool shape into his hole, gently thrusting, the little waves of pleasure growing with each move of his new gift inside him. His cock is throbbing and wet, his foreskin slipping over the swollen tip while he fucks himself with the smooth shape. Watch as Dennis lays back, the pleasure growing in waves until the gorgeous boy can’t stop the thick white cum from pumping from his dick, splashing out while his pucker hugs and throbs around his excellent new toy. No doubt he’ll be having a lot more fun with it after this.

Bare Twinks – Caught With A Big Dildo


Young Dylan has been cheating, kind of. The shaggy-haired little hottie has a brand new toy, a big veiny dildo for his hot little ass, and he’s been fucking himself with it while his lover boy Payton has been at work. Strangely, Payton isn’t impressed when he catches his lover fucking his hole with that thing, his cock is definitely bigger than the toy he’s using and he knows how to put it all right with his own big bareback cock. He’s soon showing the sexy little thing that nothing can replace his long, throbbing, warm meat in that naked little hole, feeding the boy his incredible dick and pounding his lover boy all over the bed and leaving Dylan dripping cum!