BoyFun – Jacob Dolce & Alec Loob


I guess we’ve established by now that the Spanish sun is an aphrodisiac. The boys have been hooking up and having fun all over the villa, and elsewhere too, but the BoyFun certainly shows no sign of stopping. Fit young Jacob Dolce has been sunning himself out by the pool when playful Jake Olsen sends him scarpering inside with a severe splashing, and not the kind either might have secretly wanted. The boy was just teasing, but although he might have been hoping to get his lips around the bulging shape between Jacob’s legs he’s inadvertently sent him straight into the waiting arms of horny boy Alec Loob. It seems the boys are very much on the same wavelength, their lips meeting and their bulges revealed for sucking. As clothes come off and the two handsome young guys suck and slurp those rigid cocks Alec misdirects us with his tongue, probing between Jacob’s cheeks and lapping at his tight little hole.

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BoyFun – Finn Harper & Taylor Mason


Sexy Taylor Mason is browsing the upstairs library looking for something stimulating when he happens to catch sight of gorgeous young Finn Harper lying on the bed and clearly working his way up to a good session of youthful masturbation. Solo BoyFun can be great, but who wouldn’t welcome the arrival of a friend to help out?
Tall and slim Taylor dives in, planting a kiss on his friend’s lips and making it absolutely clear he’s there to lend a hand, and a mouth, and a tight warm ass, too.
With Finn’s glistening uncut cock released from his jeans Taylor quickly takes the opportunity to taste the leaking member, slurping on the delicious tip, easing his lips down the hard length.
The shirtless duo compliment each other perfectly, their smooth and slightly toned bodies displaying their love of athletics, their hard dicks equal in size and eagerness to be pleasured.

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BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Jacob Dolce


Boys like Casper Ivarsson and Jacob Dolce enjoy some very stereotypical things for young guys, like gaming, playing football, movies and candy. That’s not all, of course, they love sharing their hard young cocks and shooting off lots of big loads with other boys like them. After a little trip to the candy store the guys are soon heading home with their sweet haul, but you can probably guess they have something else just as delicious on their minds. They’ve barely started on their sweet treats when the need for some bareback BoyFun takes over. With a little kissing their shirts are off, their smooth young bodies on display and only tempting them further into their horny afternoon play session. Casper can’t wait to get a taste of his friend’s uncut cock, pulling off Jacob’s pants and revealing the quickly growing member for some gentle sucks and kisses. His young boner is soon rigid and wet with precum and spit, but his isn’t the only impressive dong demanding some attention. The taste of Jacob’s cock has made Casper rigid with delight, his foreskin slipping back to reveal the damp red tip, a treat no boy could refuse.

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BoyFun – Alec, Maxxie, Alex & Casper


Ah, young love! Or is it young lust? Either way, we’re here for it. Young twinks Maxxie and Alex fill us in on the fun they’ve been having with their respective new boyfriends Casper and Alec, and what a tale they have to tell. It was supposed to be an innocent double date, with Alex leading his boo Alec and Maxxie with his boy Casper, but as you’ll see it became something far hotter than anyone expected. Stopping at a gorgeous spot overlooking the valley Maxxie and Alex can’t keep their hands, or mouths, to themselves, quickly gobbling on the juicy dicks of their respective love interests right there in the open. It’s a good thing there aren’t any locals to interrupt their rampant cock lust, but I think we all know any farmer discovering these antics would only likely get his own dick out for a little alfresco fun, too.

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BoyFun: Tommy Hunter & Johnny Polak


Johnny Polak has been wanting to fuck Tommy Hunter for a long time, and today he is finally taking the metro over to meet him at his apartment. It doesn’t take long for the clothes to come off, once at Tommy’s place. Getting that big cock inside his tight ass, was everything Johnny hoped it would be, in this hardcore twink scene from Boyfun.

BoyFun – Antony Carter & Jesse Evans


With his boyish good-looks, his swooshing hairstyle and his tight and smooth body, young Antony Carter is a deliciously hot prospect no sane boy could ignore, especially when he’s so horny and in need of some good relief! His friend Jesse Evans runs into him outside the sex shop at just the right moment, giving the boy a perfect opportunity for some BoyFun. Needless to say, Antony accepts the invitation back to his friend’s apartment instantly, and within moments they’re falling onto his bed and revealing their incredible uncut cocks for each other to taste. Perfectly matched in size and hardness, the boys are equally hungry for those boners, licking and sucking each other while soft moans escape their lips.

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BoyFun – Oliver Morgenson & Gregor Gilead


Blond boy Oliver Morgenson never has to try too hard to get some hot young ass, or a good cock to suck, but he likes to make things interesting and put his butt on the line too. He’s got the right kind of buddy in Gregor Gilead, a boy who isn’t usually competitive but won’t turn down the chance to fuck around and enjoy some BoyFun with his good pal. The Fussball game soon becomes far more interesting than it had been when Oliver suggests the loser has to take a cock in his hole, perhaps they both secretly know that he’ll soon win and Gregor’s tight little pucker will be stretched open by his naked meat? The wager is soon putting them both in a very horny position, with Oliver claiming the win and wasting no time, the boys heading to the bed where the blond boys mouth is soon slurping his friend’s long uncut cock. The smooth duo are perfectly matched, two young and lithe young bucks with stiff boners and balls full of cum, it’s no wonder they’re so hungry for each other, swapping shafts and sucking the precum from their friend.

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BoyFun – Roman Capellini & Angel Rivers


Blond boy Angel Rivers is far too tempting a sight for a lad like Roman Capellini to ignore when the dark-haired boy strolls past him sitting on a bench in the park. It’s great that he already has an opening line, recognizing Angel from the coffee shop in town. Roman is a smooth-talking boy, with a little flattery he soon has the twink following him back to his place for some BoyFun.
In moments of their arrival the two are shirtless and making out, the hard cock in Angel’s pants being revealed for greedy Roman to suck and lick. His perfectly pink appendage is so tasty it seems Roman could worship it for hours, but smooth boy Angel can’t wait to get at his new friend’s even bigger cock.
Roman’s thick length is a mouthful but the blond boy can handle it, he’s so desperate for that juicy tool it won’t be long before he’s offering his snug hole for Roman to fill.

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