BoyFun – Benny Vasquez – Nick Danner


Nick Danner arrives home and discovers young Benny Vasquez chilling out on the couch, the unexpected guest is certainly a surprise, but young Nick is more than happy to have such sexy company.
Straight guy Benny isn’t looking for any kind of BoyFun but although he’s reluctant at first he can’t deny that the feel of another boy’s hand groping the bulge in his jeans actually isn’t bad. Predictably he long uncut cock is rigid from the moment his new friend wrestles it free from his pants, the first suck of his uncut banana convincing him that he should just go with the flow and see what else Nick might teach him.
He’s clearly not used to sucking cock as he wraps his inexperienced lips around Nick’s pale and pink shaft, but his own throbbing erection maintains its hardness, showing he’s not turned off by the new experience.
His willingness to explore pays off even more when gorgeous little Nick eases his naked pucker down on the offered length of tanned young cock, filling his ass with his new buddy’s erection and riding Benny with skill. If the boy didn’t know how awesome another guy’s ass could be before he soon does, thrusting into his pal from behind and spooning Nick on the couch until Benny is pulling out to shower him with straight boy cream, an instant trigger for Nick to jerk out his own white juice.
Benny won’t need much persuasion to get his big cock out next time.

BoyFun – Devin Lewis – Jake Olsen



Sweet little long-haired twink Jake Olsen is reading in the bedroom when his energetic and excitable friend Devin Lewis leaps up onto the bed hoping to persuade the boy into some afternoon adventures at the mall. Jake might be reluctant to head outside and deal with the crowds, but he’s not going to refuse a little BoyFun in place of it. Having lost his argument and failing to convince his friend out of the apartment Devin eagerly moves on to the alternative, making out with his gorgeous pal and seeking out his engorged young tool in his pants. Convincing Jake into sharing his already rigid dick is certainly not a difficult task, Jake’s dong is always prepared for some sucking and his mouth is perpetually eager to slurp some dick too, so it’s not long before both gorgeous young twinks are swapping their awesome boners with each other.

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BoyFun – Alec Loob – Ron Negba


It’s great to share a home with other guys, and not just because it makes the bills and responsibilities easier to manage. Young Alec Loob is finding that out when he’s caught by horny lad Ron Negba checking out some porn! We’re not sure why the young man decided to take his sexy magazine to the common room where snoozing Ron could so easily catch him ready for a wank, but he’s soon glad he was interrupted. Why make do with his cock in his hand when he could have a friend to suck boners with and share some bareback BoyFun? Alec is soon submitting to some exploratory attention while his cute friend strips him down to his underwear, kissing and licking and showing off his own fit body. Alec is ready immediately, turned on already by the sexy mag and only made harder once Ron gets his mouth around his throbbing young cock, sucking on his saggy balls and tasting the precum leaking from his tool.

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BoyFun – Beno Eker – Marcel Boyle


Some people might think being a teen is simple, you just have to go to school and stay out of trouble, but those same people forget that it’s easy to be distracted from your studies when your cock is always hard and your friends are forever enticing you into some BoyFun.
Hot little Marcel Boyle is trying to keep himself in check, but with his buddy Beno Eker luring him away from his books with the promise of a hard uncut cock to play with he can’t resist the temptation for long. Soon enough he’s giving up and succumbing to the offer, joining his friend on the bed, their lips meeting and young boners bulging as they strip down and start to play.
With his first taste of Beno’s long and rigid cock the blond boy knows he’s not getting back to work until both their needs have been met, and he’s not complaining about the break in his studious activities.

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BoyFun – Jake Olsen – Gabe Isaac



Adorable teen Jake Olsen might not know much English, but he can certainly see a perfect opportunity for some awesome BoyFun with another hot young man when he sees it. Gabe Isaac is new in town and he needs to find the college, but when he invites the local lad back to his pad to help him get his bearings their language barrier leads to something far more exciting than a local geography lesson. It stands to reason that Jake would get the wrong idea, he’s the kind of boy who’s always being picked up in the street. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gabe isn’t at all reluctant to make out with his new guest, but the real fun starts when he discovers the impressive length of uncut cock the incredibly fit young twink has for him to suck.

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BoyFun – Nick Danner – Jake Olsen


Long-haired boy Jake Olsen is a tempting sight, sitting alone by the big old church in the middle of town, taking a break from his touristy activities. It’s clear he would like some company, so of course young local lad Nick Danner is quickly joining him. The promise of some hot and steamy BoyFun is soon apparent when the visiting twink comments on his new friend’s eyes. As far as introductory statements go it’s a good choice and soon has Nick inviting the young man back to his place, an offer hastily accepted. There’s no waiting, as soon as they’re in Nick’s apartment they’re making out on the couch and our sexy young host is making a beeline for the growing shape of his guests hard young cock in his shorts. Jake has an incredible cock, long and slender, with a big juicy tip and a sheath of skin, a glorious young erection which Nick clearly enjoys licking and sucking.

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BoyFun – Antony Carter – Taylor Blaze


Sporty boy Antony Carter won’t say no to a game of strip snap when his friend Taylor Blaze offers, he always seem to have luck on his side and his quick reflexes usually means he’s the first to call it. After only a few rounds Taylor is down to his tight little undies and his big cock is already out and throbbing. If Antony was unsure whether this was going to lead to some BoyFun at the start the sight of that big throbbing teen cock is all the evidence he needed. Within moments he’s lost the next round and his cock is out too, signalling the start of the two friends locking lips and stroking each other, their hard erections leaking precum from their swollen tips while they move their innocent game of cards to a full-on bareback butt banging. The smooth boys trade their boners with equal vigor, their wet tongues lapping at each other, their rigid dicks twitching and bouncing, their balls churning over in their sacks as the pleasure of their shared oral encourages the production of lashings of twink cum.

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