BoyFun – Axel Bolt & Lucian Fair



While the term “street meat” might usually refer to some snacks you probably want to avoid when visiting London or New York, in this instance it means something truly delicious. Young Alex Bolt is enjoying the scenery around town when tempting local Lucian Fair entices him up to his apartment with a very open offer of BoyFun. Would you be able to refuse a young man like that flashing an uncut cock in your direction? Within moments the gorgeous slim boy is welcomed in from the cold of the European winter, quickly being warmed up by his adorable host with kisses and gropes on the couch, Alex’s cock soon revealed for the horny local to suck and lick with skill.

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BoyFun – Antony Carter & Alan Caine



Straight boy Alan Caine might prefer the ladies but he’s not the type to turn down any opportunity for some sexual pleasure. Perhaps it’s because boys can handle his massive cock in a way a lot of girls can’t? When he bumps into cute friend Antony Carter and invites him up to his apartment for coffee he seems a little surprised when the fit young twink offers him his bulging crotch instead. Could it be that Alan really was just offering his friend coffee and it wasn’t intended as code for some BoyFun? Either way, the curly-haired young man won’t say no, he’s soon making out with his cute pal, then slurping on that rather impressive cock!

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BoyFun – Alan Caine & Curtis Cameron


I’m not so interested in sports, unless it’s the French Rugby team who all seem to be male models. Curtis Cameron is the sexy young thing becoming increasingly disappointed with the football, but it seems he just can’t tear himself away from the game, until slim boy Alan Caine arrived to distract him with an offer of BoyFun. With the TV quickly silenced and his mouth meeting the plump kissable lips of his adorable football-loving friend he soon has Curtis distracted from the game, not a difficult task for a couple of horny twink boys like these. It’s a sensual display as Alan takes charge, removing his friend’s t-shirt, then his own, their smooth and slender bodies ready to be explored with sliding hands. Inevitably cocks are already throbbing with urgency in their pants, and with a quick maneuver well-practiced Alan has his friend’s impressively engorged cock in his fist. A little stroking goes a long way, but the warmth of his wet sucking mouth on that delicious dick tip goes even further. Curtis has soon forgotten about the footie entirely as he closes his eyes and welcomes the sensual slurping of his incredible fuckstick, a pleasure he’s eager to return the moment he gets the opportunity.

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BoyFun – Maxxie Rivers & Dennis O’Bryan


American boy Maxxie is in town checking out the sights, but he’s not really prepared without access to a phone. Local boy Dennis might not understand English very well, but it seems the young man understands enough to know when a twink visitor is looking for some action. As soon as Maxxie is alone with his young host he’s making his intentions clear, his lips met with just as much eagerness. The two are both hungry for some BoyFun, with clothes coming off and their slim bare bodies meeting, the shapes of their long cocks bulging in their pants. Smooth boy Dennis presents his gloriously long and rigid uncut cock and Maxxie is quick to start sucking, worshiping the delicious dick with skill until his new friend is offering the same. Dennis is just as experienced when it comes to servicing a horny friend, licking and lapping Maxxie’s rigid inches before getting more of the same.

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BoyFun – Roman Capellini & Maksym King


Sexy young Maksym King wants to get to know horny boy Roman Capellini at the start of this new BoyFun video. It’s a new format for us to have a little interview at the start but we think it works well and helps us all know more about them both. We find out plenty, but of course we’re even more excited when the boys start showing off their smooth and tight bodies for each other.
With a little mutual admiration those shorts are coming off to reveal throbbing young cocks begging for attention, which they’ll soon get. A little kissing to ease them in and some mutual masturbation to get their juices flowing and the boys are orally servicing each other in a loving and sensual session of cock swapping. It’s a delicious sight that’s sure to make your mouth water, but when Roman gets his lips between those smooth twinky cheeks we know it’s on.

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BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Ron Negba


When twinky star Ron Negba wants something he just goes for it, not that his friend Casper Ivarsson is at all complaining about that when he’s accosted reaching for a snack in the fridge. The boy’s big uncut cock is quickly freed from the confines of his pants, rising up to meet Ron for some sucking. Their BoyFun has only just started, of course, he’s soon being led to the couch where both boys turn up the temperature even more, stripping out of their restrictive clothes to swap their delicious young dongs in a session of mutual cock appreciation. With the taste of each other on their lips and their smooth twinky bodies naked for exploring sweet Ron reveals what he’s really been craving, sliding his naked little rump down on his pal’s impressive dong. Casper loves the feel of his friend’s warm and tight hole around his cock, reaching to stroke Ron’s hooded shaft while he eases his slim frame up and down in his buddy’s lap.

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Antony Carter, Kaleb Cross & Alex Faux


Alex never has to try too hard to make new friends. He’s been looking for his hotel for a while and he can’t seem to find it, but luckily he had local boys Kaleb and Anthony to help him out. Of course these young European guys are always hospitable, any chance they get to have some BoyFun with a tourist isn’t going to be turned down.
We all know that sexy little Alex is far from naive, when he’s invited back to he apartment he no doubt knows there’s plenty of hard young cock in it for him. Somehow his new hosts understand that this boy likes it a little rough too.
As soon as they’re back at the apartment he’s being overpowered in the best way, the two gorgeous young men stuffing their uncut cocks into his greedy mouth, face fucking him between them.
Kaleb is the first one to claim that bareback ass, jabbing his big meat between those cheeks and pounding the boy while handsome Anthony slaps his uncut meat around in Alex’s face.
Alex is soon showing he can own a hot piece of ass with just as much energy, taking over from his friend as they swap ends, giving Alex a ride on that generous dong until the two swap again.
By the time these boys are done with him Alex is covered in sweat and cum, and he’s no longer looking for a hotel.

BoyFun – Jake Olsen & Ruben Bart


We all have our own ideas about the best way to start the day, but could anything beat being woken up by a gorgeous friend wanting to slurp on your morning boner? Long-haired teen cutie Jake Olsen gets that and a whole lot more when his handsome buddy Ruben Bart arrives in his room to wake him up with some BoyFun, checking out his bare ass, kissing the tempting exposed rump and rousing him for a delicious dick servicing that has Jake’s cock drooling precum and his balls churning up a good load within moments. With the boy’s dick throbbing and craving more his smooth and sexy friend gets his own engorged length out of his underwear to give Jake something to play with while he works his shaft, but it soon slips into the boy’s equally hungry mouth. Ruben has such an incredible cock, it’s so delicious, and as the boys swap their morning erections with each other we know it’s inevitable that one of them is going to give up his hole for some breakfast bareback.

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BoyFun – Benny Vasquez & Nick Danner


Nick Danner arrives home and discovers young Benny Vasquez chilling out on the couch, the unexpected guest is certainly a surprise, but young Nick is more than happy to have such sexy company.
Straight guy Benny isn’t looking for any kind of BoyFun but although he’s reluctant at first he can’t deny that the feel of another boy’s hand groping the bulge in his jeans actually isn’t bad. Predictably he long uncut cock is rigid from the moment his new friend wrestles it free from his pants, the first suck of his uncut banana convincing him that he should just go with the flow and see what else Nick might teach him.
He’s clearly not used to sucking cock as he wraps his inexperienced lips around Nick’s pale and pink shaft, but his own throbbing erection maintains its hardness, showing he’s not turned off by the new experience.
His willingness to explore pays off even more when gorgeous little Nick eases his naked pucker down on the offered length of tanned young cock, filling his ass with his new buddy’s erection and riding Benny with skill. If the boy didn’t know how awesome another guy’s ass could be before he soon does, thrusting into his pal from behind and spooning Nick on the couch until Benny is pulling out to shower him with straight boy cream, an instant trigger for Nick to jerk out his own white juice.
Benny won’t need much persuasion to get his big cock out next time.