FrenchTwinks – NTC The Show Goes Crazy


To end this first season of Naked Twink Contest in style, the boys have prepared a little surprise for their host Doryann Marguet. While Doryann presents the rules of a new game that has to compete in the hot tub between Jules Laroche and Cole Patrick, Lucas, Justin, Dylan, Devin and Felix run screaming and throw themselves in the water. The game is interrupted and Doryann is despairing of the lack of professionalism of these young twinks. It’s impossible to continue recording the show and Doryann decides to take a well-deserved break by joining the seven boys in the hot tub.
French and American kiss, caress, jack off and suck each other under the hot sun of California before joining the bedroom to have fun in a king size bed. Blowjobs, rimming, spanking, deep penetrations and partners exchanges will punctuate this amazing orgy in which the 4 French are top and literally fuck America!
The adorable Dylan Hart will receive in turn the cumshots of his partners and be covered with sperm from head to toe. Doryann Marguet is also so excited that he will squirt twice on this little angel face.

Staxus – Twink Adventure, Scene 3


Rob Bisset tells us that he is excited to meet his best friend Beno Eker. So, when he arrives at Beno’s house, the twinks doesn’t waste time in taking their clothes off and kissing on the sofa. Soon Rob is making him moan whilst he wraps Beno’s cock with his experimented mouth. When Beno can’t resist more the temptation, he bends Rob over and prepares his ass with some rimming before to slowly fucking him. Rob’s moans just tell us he’s enchanted with his friend’s moves and soon he is ridding his friend’s cock. Rob gives him some blowjobs among the sensually fucking before the boys end in explosive orgasms. Beno Eker, Rob Bisset

FrenchTwinks – NTC Eat My Donut


In this new challenge of “Naked Twink Contest” Doryann Marguet welcomes Lucas Bouvier for France and the young Cole Patrick for the United States. The two boys will have to be very greedy since the goal of the game is to eat the maximum donuts in a set time… while hung around the dick of their opponent!
Who of the French or the American will be the most voracious? Which of the two twinks will win the right to get sucked today?

FrenchTwinks – NTC Words Game



In this new episode of Naked Twink Contest, Doryann Marguet welcomes Justin Leroy from France and Devin Lewis from the USA. The two players will compete in a game of translations and anatomy. The French twink must guess what mean words written in English and vice versa and then kiss the matching part on the opponent’s body.
Which of the two boys will be the most talented in language? Who will be able to find the right words in a minimum of tries and win the right to get sucked today?

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FrenchTwinks – NTC Milk Squirting


In this second episode of “Naked Twink Contest” Jules Laroche battles for France and Devin Lewis for the USA in a milky skill game. Our host Doryann Marguet welcomes the two twinks in a pretty bathroom, he draws foam targets on their bodies and the two boys, completely naked, start to squirt milk on each other full of laughter and good relaxed atmosphere.
Who of Devin or Jules will be the best milk sniper ? Will the American shoot more targets than the French? Who will win the right to get sucked today?
Jules and Devin will of course not stop at a blowjob and Jules will first devour the ass of the young American before fucking him wildly with his huge cock. Devin is in ecstasy and Jules is having great fun in an intense, accomplice and very energetic fucking session!

FrenchTwinks – Orgasmic Massage


Justin Leroy offers a massage to young Ethan Duval to welcome him to French Twinks Team. Hands of the beautiful blonde run through the hairless body of the twink and he insists on his little bubble ass molded in a jock-strap. Ethan moans and Justin begins to get hard in his boxers before turning Ethan on his back to take off his underwear.
Lying side by side in bed, the two boys are naked, kiss and jerk each other then Justin offers his hard cock to Ethan who starts to suck him. The young twink applies to lick and swallow him while deep throating that dick while his friend starts playing with his ass. Ethan is tight and Justin takes his time to prepare gently the object of his desire.
Ethan is now lying on his back, buttocks apart and his delicious little pink hole offered to Justin who licks and titillates delicately.

BoyFun – Devin Lewis & Jake Olsen



Sweet little long-haired twink Jake Olsen is reading in the bedroom when his energetic and excitable friend Devin Lewis leaps up onto the bed hoping to persuade the boy into some afternoon adventures at the mall. Jake might be reluctant to head outside and deal with the crowds, but he’s not going to refuse a little BoyFun in place of it. Having lost his argument and failing to convince his friend out of the apartment Devin eagerly moves on to the alternative, making out with his gorgeous pal and seeking out his engorged young tool in his pants. Convincing Jake into sharing his already rigid dick is certainly not a difficult task, Jake’s dong is always prepared for some sucking and his mouth is perpetually eager to slurp some dick too, so it’s not long before both gorgeous young twinks are swapping their awesome boners with each other.


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