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Jizz Addiction – Licking The Creamy Lollipop


Dustin seems to be practicing his cock sucking skills on a little lollipop, but he really needs something a little more real, a little more meaty and delicious. Timo is on hand to help, feeding him a real dick and then filling up his sweet little ass! The boy almost forgets his sticky treat as he has the cum fucked out of him, but Timo is soon ready to add his cum to the sugary lollipop to make it even more tasty!

Bare Twinks – The Filling In A Bareback Sandwich


bt421_dylanhart_jamesstirling_jasonshepard_05ebbt421_dylanhart_jamesstirling_jasonshepard_06ebbt421_dylanhart_jamesstirling_jasonshepard_08ebbt421_dylanhart_jamesstirling_jasonshepard_17ebIf you caught sexy young stars James and Jason about to enjoy some rampant bareback action in the bedroom you’d want to join in too, right? Young Dylan doesn’t have to ask, the shaggy-haired hottie is soon jumping into the mix and sharing an insanely hot mutual cock sucking with his friends. With boners raging cute little Jason finds himself in the perfect position, gobbling his lover while hung Dylan fills his smooth little rump with naked cock!
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He’s not the only one craving dick, however. Adorable James needs his own fix, working his way between his friend to become the filling in a fuckmeat sandwich, his naked shaft sliding in and out of Jason while Dylan fills his butthole. The shower of semen the boys end with is a messy affair, but so delicious to watch!

Jizz Addiction – A Hard Fuck And A Cummy Kiss


Sweet young Skylar looks pretty innocent, and the 18 year old likes to play on that. He’s nothing of the sort of course, as you can see once he and his hung friend Daniel get started! With a feast of young cock for both his tight little hole is soon being fingered and opened up for that big dick, taking a rough fucking all over the bed! With his cum jettisoned out over Daniels fit and smooth body his top twinks load is dumped in his face, all finished off with some sticky kisses!

Bare Twinks – Puppy Boy Asthon Gets Buggered!


bt394_ashtonfranco_jamesstirling_17-ebAdorable twink boy James arrives with his shaved cock throbbing and ready, and boy does he get a sweet surprise! Puppy twink Ashton is up on the bed wiggling his little ass, ready for some pounding. The boys start out with some mutual sucking, tasting those boners and drinking the precum leaking from those dicks, but soon enough James is easing his naked cock into his friend. With the boy’s pucker stretched out and fucked James reveals a long double-ended dildo to use in that hole, fucking them both at the same time! It’s almost enough to have both boys ready to cum, but a little more fucking is needed to get Ashton pumping his cream and taking a big splashing facial from gorgeous little James.
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Jizz Addiction – Kyros Fucks A Load Out Of Dillon


Kyros Christian loves to fuck a tight ass with his bare cock, and his boyfriend Dillon Samuels has the perfect ass for him to stick it in to. Both these boys have been saving up their cum loads for this bareback fuck, and you can tell they have to slow down a little several times to stop them unloading too early. But when they do, it’s a messy climax, with some cummy kisses to end!

Jizz Addiction – Skyler Teaches Jake A Few Things


Jake Washington is pretty inexperienced, but he’s learning a lot in bed with horny twink boy Skylar Dallon! The boys can’t keep their mouths and hands off each other as they strip and suck those delicious dicks, but it’s definitely the fucking all over the bed that has them sharing all that tasty fresh cum! Jizz lovers will totally enjoy the sight of them sharing those loads!

Jizz Addiction – Skyler Loves That Jizz


Skyler Dallon and Sacha West have some cum to set free, and they know how to do it! We join the boys in the bedroom at the cabin as they film their own fun, sucking on each others hard dicks and playing with some snug hole until Skyler is demanding that cock inside him. With Sacha easing his big boner in and out of that tight young hole Skyler unloads his ball juice over himself and gets a taste, but there’s even more to enjoy from Sacha’s erupting boner!

Jizz Addiction – Hot Young Bareback Love


Crazy in love & full of young lust, super twinks, Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian are left alone with a video camera to record the HOT passion between these two smooth, shaved guys. This is their private moment with no directions or film crew. Kyros fucks Dillon into a torrent of jizz & then licks him clean! Two beautiful, naked & horny boys in love!

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