Family Dick: Big Boy Undies



It can be hard for a step-daddy to see his teen son grow up, but he knows he must soon take his first steps into adulthood. This horny step-dad takes the opportunity to show him how something as simple as big boy underwear can transform him from a boy to a man. Sporting his new briefs, this dirty daddy can’t deny just how sexy his beautiful boy is… Austin Locke, Alex Killian (you may need to grab a tissue before you reach the end of this 17 minute video clip)

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Daddy’s Boy Ch 9: After School Snack



Jacob loves taking care of his horny teen stepson. Whether it’s an after school snack waiting for him in the fridge or a big cock up his tight hole, he knows that part of being a step-daddy is making his step-son feel happy. Austin can’t get enough of his step-dad’s bare dick pounding him deep, making him beg for his thick, creamy load! And what’s better than an afternoon delight between step father and son? Austin Locke, Alex Killian

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Family Dick – Sleepy Movie Night



Unable to sleep, this horny teen finds his way into his step-daddy’s lap late one night. The boy soon finds himself cozying up next to his old man’s crotch as he drifts off. The dad watches TV while caressing his boy before his fingers find their way to his step-son’s smooth butt. He knows if he gets a boner it’s going right up against his step-son’s face, but he can’t help himself… Austin Locke, Alex Killian

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