Staxus – Sexy Boys Creamed Scene 1



After a very hot foot rub, Jaro makes his way up Rodion’s body till he’s greeted by Rodion’d bulging jockstrap, which he can only take a further look, and ultimately taste of! Rodion notices at this stage that Jaro is too hard, and his cock is sticking out of the underwear he’s wearing, so without thinking too much, Rodion starts sucking Jaro’s long meaty shaft! Jaro, now fully excited, has Rodion on all fours whilst he rims his sweet hole preparing him for the deep fuck that is to come! The excitement and build up is such that after a few positions Rodion can’t help himself and ends up cumming all over his body whilst Jaro is fucking him! Rodion Taxa, Jaro Stone

BoyFun – Antony Carter & Jesse Evans


With his boyish good-looks, his swooshing hairstyle and his tight and smooth body, young Antony Carter is a deliciously hot prospect no sane boy could ignore, especially when he’s so horny and in need of some good relief! His friend Jesse Evans runs into him outside the sex shop at just the right moment, giving the boy a perfect opportunity for some BoyFun. Needless to say, Antony accepts the invitation back to his friend’s apartment instantly, and within moments they’re falling onto his bed and revealing their incredible uncut cocks for each other to taste. Perfectly matched in size and hardness, the boys are equally hungry for those boners, licking and sucking each other while soft moans escape their lips.

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Staxus – Summer Gape Scene 3



It’s hard to avoid the attraction that some of these twinks have between each other, and it’s no suprise that these are cock hungry little devils. What better than after putting away wood to get some! Adrian is quick to get his hands on David, and in no time he’s kneeling sucking and stroking David’s cock in the most sensual ways. It’s no surprise that David is so eager to try Adrians ass, firstly with some spectacular rimming and then with his meaty rod, still with his clothes on that is! With some more sucking, Adrian strips David, and once again hops on and gets a ride is was well needing. David Skala, Adrian Bennet

Staxus – Horny Hashtag Scene 2


Who doesn’t love some nipple play? Seems both these boys do! Lior and Adam are quick to take their tops off and start kissing passionately, Adam takes the lead kissing and licking all of Lior’s torso, and without doubt, Lior is rock hard, as seen when he pulls his trousers down, needless to say this boy is rock hard by only having his nipples played with, soon the boys swap places, and Adam too enjoys the excitement Lior provokes, to the point where Lior is rimming Adam’s ass, fingering, until he decides to fuck Adam in multiple positions whilst playing with each others nipples! Lior Hod, Adam Veller

BoyFun – Antony Carter & Alan Caine



Straight boy Alan Caine might prefer the ladies but he’s not the type to turn down any opportunity for some sexual pleasure. Perhaps it’s because boys can handle his massive cock in a way a lot of girls can’t? When he bumps into cute friend Antony Carter and invites him up to his apartment for coffee he seems a little surprised when the fit young twink offers him his bulging crotch instead. Could it be that Alan really was just offering his friend coffee and it wasn’t intended as code for some BoyFun? Either way, the curly-haired young man won’t say no, he’s soon making out with his cute pal, then slurping on that rather impressive cock!

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Staxus – Face it Scene 1 Jessie & Jake



Jessie and Jake wake up in bed and immediately start kissing and caressing each others bodies, Jake licks Jessie’s nipples and body returning now and then to kiss him, whilst stroking on his bulge, till the moment where Jake pulls down Jessie’s briefs revealing his cock which he immediately starts to suck and lick his balls. After a while Jake flips the boy over and spreads his ass cheeks revealing his tight hole which without a moment to spare he starts licking. With all the excitement it’s not long before Jake has his rock hard cock inside Jessie making the boy moan in pleasure with every thrust! Jessie Hill, Jake Hurley

Staxus – Gym Hookups Scene 2


Either Milan is dreaming of Nick sweating buckets at the gym or Nick is back from the gym, either way, these boys are horny! Nick is showing his excitement, and with the underwear out of the way, Milan is soon wrapping his lips around Nick’s cock, making him moan in pleasure, after much sucking and jerking these boys adopt a 69 position, so they can both get a taste of what each other has to offer, and clearly Milan is the lucky one who’ll get the pleasure of Nick’s dick penetrating him across different positions, and ending with a face full of cum! Nick Fox, Milan Sharp

BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson & Ron Negba


When twinky star Ron Negba wants something he just goes for it, not that his friend Casper Ivarsson is at all complaining about that when he’s accosted reaching for a snack in the fridge. The boy’s big uncut cock is quickly freed from the confines of his pants, rising up to meet Ron for some sucking. Their BoyFun has only just started, of course, he’s soon being led to the couch where both boys turn up the temperature even more, stripping out of their restrictive clothes to swap their delicious young dongs in a session of mutual cock appreciation. With the taste of each other on their lips and their smooth twinky bodies naked for exploring sweet Ron reveals what he’s really been craving, sliding his naked little rump down on his pal’s impressive dong. Casper loves the feel of his friend’s warm and tight hole around his cock, reaching to stroke Ron’s hooded shaft while he eases his slim frame up and down in his buddy’s lap.

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