FrenchTwinks – Boys’ Burning Passion


Corentin Tessier and Gabriel Lambert are peacefully lying in bed reading. Gabriel turns the pages of his magazine but exhausted by the latest crazy evening he blinks his eyes and ends up falling asleep. Corentin moved by this beautiful sleeping angel is also excited by the beautiful bump in his boxers.
Corentin takes advantage of Gabriel being asleep to caress his soft skin, his nipples, his belly, and then he slips his hand into Gabriel’s underwear and reveals his hard cock. Corentin jacks off his friend and begins to suck him. Gabriel is still asleep and he’s hard as wood.
Corentin will suck Gabriel to wake him up in the most beautiful way. A big smile on the lips the handsome twink emerges and continues his sweet dream kissing Corentin. The two boys are horny as hell and Gabriel grabs the head of Corentin to get sucked more deeply. This oral foreplay lasts several minutes and Gabriel delights in this moment of pure pleasure before starting to play with the little ass of Corentin.

FrenchTwinks: Enzo takes care of the newbies



Celian Meyer and Thomas Leconte, the two newcomers of French Twinks Studios wait patiently for Antoine Lebel to do a photo shoot. The mischievous Enzo Lemercier who’s walking in the corridor meets the newbies. He tells them that Antoine is always late and that’s why he will take care of their photo shooting. Shy and docile Celian and Thomas follow the instructions of Enzo who loves the role of the photographer and makes them do a striptease increasingly naughty. The two young twinks find themselves quickly naked and erect in front of Enzo who cannot resist the temptation of fresh flesh.
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FrenchTwinks – The Little Voyeur


Gabriel Lambert makes a little joke to his roommate Ryan Marchal by hiding behind the curtains of his room. Ryan, lying in bed, the headphones screwed in the ears does not notice his presence and begins to jack off quietly while watching porn. Gabriel doesn’t lose a beat and begins to masturbate in turn behind the curtain. This voyeur game and Ryan’s big cock hard as wood excites him to the highest point.

FrenchTwinks – Two Fat Cocks for Matteo



After spending the evening in a night club, Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal have an after party at home and go into a party game of “Strip Dice”. The goal of the game is simple, the one who makes the smallest number must take off an item of clothing. Ryan is already half naked, but luck turns and it’s the turn of Matteo and then Abel to take off their t-shirts. The dice continues to roll between two drinks and the three boys will not be long to find themselves naked…
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FrenchTwinks – Two Parisians Guys in Nice



Paul Delay and Alexis Tivoli, our two young Parisians are spending their weekend in Nice (French Riviera). You must believe that the beach, the sun (and the cries of the gulls?) excite them because barely back to the hotel they jump on each other! Alexis and Paul kiss and caress while undressing. Paul unpacks Alexis’ pants and releases his big cock already hard as wood.
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FrenchTwinks – Let Me Drive


While blindfolded and hands handcuffed Anthony Sollis will have to submit himself to the perverted wishes of Vincent Tyle. The two beautiful 18 year old boys kiss sensually and caress each others bodies until they both become hard. Vincent then moves down along Anthony’s hairless body and starts sucking him. The twink shivers with pleasure and in turn grabs Vincent’s big cock who’s groaning loudly. The excitement is at its highest and now nothing can stop Vincent who’s determined to fuck his friend with all his power.
Anthony, still tied and blindfolded groans loudly as Vincent gives it his all, using all his energy to pleasure his submissive partner. Anthony ends by cumming with Vincent’s cock still in him, just before to receiving a fat cum-shot on his face.

Alexis Tivoli Challenges Baptiste Garcia


Alexis shows Baptiste the gifts he got for his birthday and drew his attention to a grenade shaped dildo which he doesn’t know what to do with. Alexis thinks this wide plug is only good for decoration, for his part, Baptiste seems very interested in this sex toy and then Alexis challenges him to try it.
The two boys start undressing and kissing languorously. While Baptiste begins to jack off, Alexis titillates his anus before licking it. Once Baptiste is excited and well lubricated with saliva, Alexis introduces the plug in his ass. Alexis is then sucked deeply by Baptiste still playing with the plug. Alexis cannot resist and puts Baptiste on all fours to fuck him vigorously. Baptiste finishes by exploding while still being fucked, just before getting a thick facial cum-shot!

FrenchTwinks – Sensual Submissive Experience

While Yoan Desanges is innocently jacking off in his room, Alexis Tivoli appears behind him and blindfolds him. Alexis has prepared a little surprise for the 18 year old blond, he will initiate him into the world of bondage. The two boys kiss and Alexis brings Yoan to the bed and begins to massage him, especially his bubble butt. Yoan is ecstatic and lets himself be guided by the expert hands of Alexis who then handcuffs him and gives him his stiff cock to suck.
After some hot foreplay and ass eating, Alexis penetrates the tight ass of Yoan and starts to fuck him passionately. The twink is still blindfolded and handcuffed and Alexis returns him to his back to fuck his smooth bottom harder. Yoan will push a final groan before cumming on the sheets and to give his angelic face Alexis to receive a nice facial cum shot.