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ThugBoy – Kidd Rockafella + Kydezion Rockafella – 1569


“Kidd, a good Friend of Rock, met with one of the newest Rockafellaz, Kydezion as a favor to Rock to see if he was gangsta enough. Kydezion shows up like he about to handle some business but Kidd was nothing but ready for him. Kidd starts it off and telling him exactly what is about to go down and Kidd wastes no time going down on Kydezion. They move to the couch and Kydezion wants to tastes Kidds dick as well and he works that dick like a pro. Think he can keep up the Kidd. Apparently Kidd was too much for him.” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Hotrod, Manny Baby + Omoni – 1600


“Hotrod and Omoni just tryna study. They be making good progress when Manny Baby drops by and fucks it all up when a buncha FlavaMen porn mags fall outta his book bag. Ya know them boys get horny right away when they see that shit, and so a hot ass hell threesome begins. Manny Baby gets his ass eat while getting his dick sucked to start with, but that’s just foreplay. These brothas like it rough and there ain’t no asses save over here. Some good sandwich fuckin too toppin it all off with cum everywhere!” FlavaWorks

ThugBoy – Domino Star + PM Dawn – 1605


“Domino lurin in PM Dawn tryina show off his new big screen TV, but what he’s really after is that big phat thug dick. PM Dawn is about ready to get it outta there, but Domino makes it clear as fuck that he needs that dick and PM Dawn warms up to the idea of havin those pretty lil lips wrapped around his pipe. Domino be gettin more than he bargained for when PM plunges right into them cakes fuckin Domino hard all day long. I guess those errands couldn’t have been more important than a good fuckin!” FlavaWorks

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