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Broke Straight Boys – Ayden Troy & Max Flint



This weekend vid could be called “The Battle of the Curly Tops.” Fan favs Ayden Troy and Max Flint are lounging in a bedroom that looks like it was resurrected from a late 1970s porno set. It’s doubtful many of you were paying attention to the decor because the two models are jerking each other. Both are showing wood, and Ayden sucks dick first. He drools all over Max’s meat before he puts it in his mouth. “Oh, yeah,” Max purrs as he gets serviced. He plays with his partner’s locks and keeps a hand on Ayden’s tool. Ayden doesn’t deep throat, but you know he’s keeping it juicy as smacking sounds echo in the room. Max wants to try some pole licking, and Ayden is more than ready to oblige. “Suck that dick,” Ayden commands. Released: 2012-10-13 (more…)

Broke Straight Boys – Carter Blane



Twenty-year old Carter Blane is in our studio today. The skinny lad originally was living with his girlfriend. However, that set-up didn’t last (dear straight woman: we need to talk about letting the cute ones get away). He’s living on his own now, and needs an additional revenue stream. “Just got bills to pay,” Carter says. He takes off his shirt, and it’s clear he’s been tanning. He’s just returned from vacation (lucky guy). When describing what he usually does for fun, Carter sounds like a laid back beach denizen. “Hang out. Party. Go to the beach.” Released: 2012-06-11 (more…)

EnigmaticBoys – Ricardo – Fine As Fuck


Enigmatic Boys has been around for a very long time, and they have photographed hundreds of beautiful boys, but I still think these photos of Ricardo taken in 2007 are some of their best!
Just imagine walking down to your favorite swimming hole and finding the neighbor’s boy, Ricardo, all alone and skinny-dipping! I don’t know about you, but I’d be on my knees in front of him in a flash, sucking the cum from Ricardo’s stiff smooth Latino boy-cock! (more…)

BeautifulTwinks: Eddie – A Boy For Christmas! (pt 1)


beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-031beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-043beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-047beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-052beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-054beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-075beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-076beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-077beautifultwinks-eddie-108-christmas-078Just imagine finding a beautiful boy like Eddie waiting in your bedroom on Christmas morning, and the boy is wrapped in nothing but a sexy shiny speedo (and the tie he bought you for the Holiday)! Then you find out this kid is perpetually horny, and he’s got a man-sized stiff dick nestled under that speedo! My jaw aches from just thinking about how long I’d be worshipping this boy’s stiff teen cock with my mouth! (more…)

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