With Mickey In Charge Its Gonna Be Good



Mickey is not the kind of guy you should put in charge of two sexy young cadets like Leo and Colby, unless you want a feast of cock sucking and butt fucking to break out! The horny young man is quick to assert his authority over the two, making them sweat through traditional military means before leading them in a threesome of cock sucking and arse fucking! Leo gets it first, fucked and fed between them as Mickey owns his hole, then it’s time for Colby to get impaled on that staff while Leo rides him too! Finally Mickey demands a banging from both, with a load in his face and his own splashed out over the dirty floor. Poor Leo is left to deal with his own dick after the group is made to scatter, but he enjoys that stroked out load nonetheless!
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Staxus: Waiting Leads To Suck-&-Fuck Frenzy


Porn stars are not renowned for their patience, so Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix show considerable restraint as they wait for director, John Smith, to show up for their shoot at their Spanish villa. All the same, there’s no disguising the fact that both these young fellows are seriously gagging for action; and Smith’s arrival – albeit off-camera – is greeted with unmistakable relief. So much so, in fact, that both buddies immediately get down to business without so much as a by-your-leave – Mannix, in particular, clearly only too eager to get a taste of hard cock, diving onto his French buddy’s shaft and gobbling away like a bitch on heat!

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Helix Studios – Sleepover Puppy-Style


Blond twink Casey Tanner awakens to find hunky Alex Vaara passed out on his floor. When Alex wakes up the two start slow before Casey gets a hold of Alex’s beautiful rigid cock. Alex is hungry for some penis too and starts massaging Casey’s dick with the back of his throat as they lay in an amazingly sexy 69 position. After such an intense blow job Casey can’t wait to stuff Alex’s tight little boy hole then it’s Alex’s turn to flip over Casey and completely dominate him doggystyle.

New Boy Gets Horny Locker-Room Initiation


Horny Locker-Room Initiation! Titus Snow doesn’t have the slightest bit of difficulty in letting Jaro Stone know just how sexy he finds him after the two lads return to the changing-room. Of course, how could anyone ever find Stone anything other than fucking drop-dead gorgeous? Dressed up in his football kit the young beauty is quite simply stunning! Young Snow shows no hesitation whatsoever in sucking on his pal’s nipples and reaching into his jockstrap – a move that immediately draws a very horny response from Stone, who’s soon slurping on his team-mate’s shaft. Sexy young Snow is eager to raise his legs in the air to underline his availability; with Stone then rimming his tight, inexperienced hole. Matters only intensify when Stone asserts his position as lead-role by fucking the newcomer’s tight ass with characteristic gusto. All of which soon results in both boys splattering each others faces with creamy cum!

Helix Studios: Big Dick Small Twink



Big Dick Small Twink! When we first met cute blond boy Matt Klein, he told us all about his insatiable sexual appetite. Well he better be ready ’cause here comes Dalton’s big uncut cock to fuck his tight little ass. To his credit, Matt handles the big dick admirably, with his own stiff dick and constant moaning making it clear how much he’s enjoying the hard fucking he’s receiving.
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Helix Studios: Dalton Scores Some Ass


Dalton Scores Some Ass! Troy Accola is in a tense soccer shootout with Dalton Briggs. Loser bottoms. Troy is brand new to Helix Studios, but he’s more than willing to go big right off the bat. When Dalton says it’s time to fuck, the soccer shorts slide down and before long, Troy is feeling every hard inch of Dalton’s big dick fucking in and out of his smooth tight ass.