LatinBoyz – Jacob Jerks His Junk


This hot Latino man with all the tattoos is a sexy Colombian that goes to the same gym our model Dante from a couple weeks ago. Like Dante, he has a huge uncut Latin cock. If all the guys at that gym are like them we want to know where to sign up. There is nothing subtle about Jacob. When he likes something it becomes an obsession. For instance, he only started getting tattoos a couple years ago. We’re told he’s just as obsessed with fucking.

LatinBoyz – Deezie & Gboy Fuck


When he did his solo photo shoot last month we asked Deezie if he was straight, bi or gay and he didn’t answer. He just told us “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” Later we found out he has never been with a guy at all but was willing to try it if the price was right. That intrigued us so we made an offer. He was broke and horny so he quickly agreed to fuck GBoy’s tight ass in this hot scene.

LatinBoyz – Leonardo & Stiven Fuck


Leonardo is a sexy bisexual Colombian that has only fooled around with guys a couple times, so we were surprised to find out he wanted to do a hardcore gay Latino porn scene. But he is a horny fuck and enjoyed fucking Leonardo’s ass bareback and said he would definitely like to do it again. Stiven wasn’t complaining, either. The photos are being released today and the video is coming soon.

LatinBoyz – Miggy’s Big Dick


When our photographer in Colombia told us he found a new model at the famous gym that also gave us Dante, Jacob, Rony and a few others we were pretty excited. We were even more excited when we finally got to see his photos. Miggy is one hot papi! In addition to working out for his fights he also plays soccer and has the sexy muscular thighs to prove it!

LatinBoyz – Norte & Gabriel


Norte is a 20 year old straight guy that works as a waiter at a restaurant close to Gabriel’s house. He invited him over for a couple beers one night and found out that’s all it takes to get inside his pants. On that first night he sucked his big uncut monster cock and then next time he got fucked by him. This was the second time they fucked and luckily our cameras were there to catch the action.

LatinBoyz – Austin’s Big Dick


Our newest model Austin is the very definition of a sexy naked Latin man. Our photographer has known him for a while because he has been helping him paint his house. He showed up recently on a day when there was nothing that needed painting asking if there was some other way he could make some money. He has a smooth cut up body, huge uncut Latino cock and a really cute smile.