LatinBoyz – Jacob Jerks His Junk


This hot Latino man with all the tattoos is a sexy Colombian that goes to the same gym our model Dante from a couple weeks ago. Like Dante, he has a huge uncut Latin cock. If all the guys at that gym are like them we want to know where to sign up. There is nothing subtle about Jacob. When he likes something it becomes an obsession. For instance, he only started getting tattoos a couple years ago. We’re told he’s just as obsessed with fucking.

LatinBoyz: Gabriel Grant Has A Big Cock


19 year old Gabriel Grant admits he has a baby-face and loves to see the expression on other guys’ faces when he pulls out his big thick cock and lets them know he’s an aggressive top that loves to fuck. Despite being a top, he has no problem showing us his hot ass and admits he loves getting rimmed. He’s Dominican, and from New York. His tight toned body is natural. The only working out he does is fucking. What better exercise is there? Height: 5ft 9 inches Weight: 130 lbs. Dick: 8.5″ cut.

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Latin Boyz – Legend Has A Big Cock Pt 1


Age 18 – Height 5′ 7″ – Weight 130 lbs. – Colombian.
When we first met Legend we thought his nickname was a little pretentious but then he pulled out that huge uncut Colombian cock. Now that’s a legendary cock for sure! He’s a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida.

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LatinBoyz – Leonardo & Stiven Fuck


Leonardo is a sexy bisexual Colombian that has only fooled around with guys a couple times, so we were surprised to find out he wanted to do a hardcore gay Latino porn scene. But he is a horny fuck and enjoyed fucking Leonardo’s ass bareback and said he would definitely like to do it again. Stiven wasn’t complaining, either. The photos are being released today and the video is coming soon.