FrenchTwinks – US Road Dick Episode 3


After a night of madness and debauchery in Las Vegas, Paul wakes up with Enzo, but Doryann is not in the room. Paul has a bad feeling and wonders where his lover could have disappeared without his phone or his wallet.
As Paul gets more and more worried, pacing nervously around the room, Chris and Enzo go around the city trying to find Doryann, without success. Paul remembers the events of the last night and a flashback of Doryann fucking Chris Summers with incredible passion gives him an idea.

As jealous as he is worried, Paul arrives in the room of Chris Summers and discovers Doryann being sucked off! An argument brakes out and Doryann tries to justify himself. It’s time for both lovers to have a serious discussion about the future of their relationship and to define some rules.
Chris Summer, naked in bed, is embarrassed by the French quarrel that he doesn’t understand a word of. Doryann and Paul explain, promise never to lie again and allow themselves to have sex with others as long as they participate together. So, it’s a hot threesome that will seal the new rules of their couple and take them to make a promise for life… frenchtwinks-horizontal-banner-734w