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DoggyBoys – Bareback Teen Boy Lovers


After long lectures and boring classes Leo Alfano and Kenton Tore can’t wait to press their flesh together, heading straight to the bedroom. They’ve been thinking about this all day, their love for each other soon displayed with tender kisses and the slow removal of clothing. Their smooth bodies meet and the heat between them rises, Kenton’s hunger for his boyfriend becomes too much. With his pants off and his thick cock revealed Leo is hard in an instant, lovingly sucked and licked by his handsome friend. He can’t seem to get enough of Leo’s cock, but when attention turns to his tight and smooth little hole he’s more than happy to relinquish control. A little slick lube and some fingers slipping inside gets Kenton eager for the meaty offering his boy can deliver, his pucker quivering with delight as Leo pushes through. The boy’s naked inches slide in slow, ease out again, back in deep… the embrace and kisses while Lea humps into him only increases the pleasure, but Kenton wants more. On his knees and with his cock and balls swinging the gorgeous boy takes it some more, pumped by Leo from behind until his top twink lover can’t take any more. Leo slides his naked cock free and begins to pump, lashes of youthful cream splashing from his flared red tip to stream down over Kenton’s perfect little milky ass cheek. With his lover’s cream smeared into his soft skin Kenton is close. The boy lays back, his hand sliding along his erection, Leo’s fingers exploring his naked body with appreciative strokes as semen gushes from Kenton’s cock, splashing over his fit young body, pump after pump decorating his perfect abs. With a long and appreciative kiss the boys end their encounter, the fresh cream over Kenton’s body being massaged into his skin.

DoggyBoys – Toy Boy Bareback Threesome


Marek Kraus might be planning to enjoy some alone time with a new toy for his wanton hole, but his friends Leo Alfano and Arthur Vink have other ideas. The boys arrive to find him ready to play with his new gadget, but within moments the three are making out and exploring their smooth young bodies. The teens are understandably hard and damp with precum in no time, something Marek clearly loves to taste, sucking on both his friend’s urgent boners. With their erections rigid and wanting more Arthur takes aim at the boy’s tight little pucker, easing the toy into him, opening his hole and preparing him for naked young dick with his thrusting movements. Leo’s gorgeous long dick gets a thorough sucking from Marek while Arthur slides inside, barebacking his buddy with clear skill until Leo wants his turn. It’s not a competition between the two, but if it were then their topping skills would result in a draw, even as Arthur comes in for a second helping of that tight ass around his juicy dong. The best bareback threesome can’t last indefinitely, and with a shared wank of blissful climax Leo and Arthur splash their seed all over their sexy bottom buddy’s chest, leaving Marek to finally enjoy his solo pleasures and stroke himself to his own gooey end.

DoggyBoys – His friend has a big bare cock


Leo Alfano has a pretty big twink dick himself, so he can appreciate the sight of a generous dick on a friend. Felix Lund has never shown his pal his own cock before, but while they’re on a cigarette break and chatting about how horny they both are it soon becomes clear that they’re both a little curious about what’s in his pants. After heading inside Leo confesses that he would really like to see his friend’s big uncut dick, and taste it too! A boy like Felix doesn’t need much persuasion to share his boner and within moments the delicious length is out of his pants and sliding in and out of lucky Leo’s hungry mouth! The boy might not be as experienced as some of Felix’s other friends but he knows how to encourage the boy into sharing a little more. Leo’s own long dick is quickly revealed, a throbbing shaft of uncut dick with big swinging balls. Felix gets a taste, slurping the clear juice leaking from his friend’s erection, but it’s only the start of the fun he wants to have. Leo’s perfect little hole is so snug, so inexperienced, but he can take it well. Felix sinks his naked cock into the boy, fucking him on his back with deep strokes, then giving his little pal a ride on his big boner too before he finally takes them both to the limits of pleasure. Pulling out and giving his big bare cock a few more strokes Felix pumps a healthy mess of semen all over the boy’s freshly fucked hole, smearing his cream around. It’s a perfect finish for him, but the mess he takes over his chin and lips when Leo starts to pump his own goo from his cock is the ultimate treat!

DoggyBoys – Twink cum splashes from his big cock


Ivo Kraus is a gorgeous 18-year-old student happy to be home after a busy day, but although he probably has a little extra work to do he can’t stop thinking about another boy he has a crush on. Understandably his big cock is soon out of his jeans, and what an amazing man-sized dick it is too! The gorgeous boy plays with his solid shaft, stroking himself and slowly revealing more for our adoring gaze to lap up, playing with his engorged dick and fingering his tight little opening. His slim and tight body looks amazing already, but he’s even more tempting once he’s slicked up with glistening oil. As the pleasure builds and his cock becomes as hard as it can be the first splash of twink cum erupts from his swollen helmet, splatting over the couch! Pump after pump of warm young cream follows, decorating his gorgeous body with a mess of milky goodness any sane guy would love to lick up. If only his college friend knew this load was for him.

DoggyBoys – A boy and his long twink cock


With the house to himself and nothing to do, it’s only natural that one of the horniest little twinks would turn to self-gratification! Leo Alfano has an incredibly long twink cock in his pants and a juicy load of cum in his balls, and he certainly knows how to please himself and satisfy that throbbing tool between his legs. His solo time starts out innocently enough, revealing his smooth and slim body, playing with his nipples and caressing his bare flesh, but soon enough his cock is peeking out of his waistband and demanding some attention. He submits quickly, revealing his awesome cock, playing with the tip and shaft before revealing more skin. Finally naked and with oil smeared over his twinky frame he focuses on his pleasure, his cock bulging and rigid, his ass soon up for some playful exploration. Maybe he’s thinking about you sliding in deep and raw while he works his pucker and toys with his nuts? Even his gorgeous feet are soon in on the fun, his smooth soles quickly shiny with oil. Stroke along with the teen as he lays back and rubs his awesome cock, finishing with a mess of youthful cock cream pumping over his body.

DoggyBoys – Shower Twink Solo Stroking


It’s healthy for a young man to start the day with a good load, which is exactly what Timo Kok does first thing every morning. He has a long day ahead of him, but before he’s ready to head out he needs to clean up and satisfy his needs. The handsome young man is exquisitely smooth and fit, just enough definition for a twink his age, his uncut cock floppy and swinging while he explores his body under the warm water. A little shower gel makes only makes things sexier still, his hands gliding over his naked body and moving around to the back to dip between the cheeks of his gorgeous little ass. As fingers play at his most secretive spot he’s thinking of something erotic, but he’s not ready to grab that big cock and get his load gushing just yet. Watch as the sexy young man takes a seat to wash his smooth feet, his hands massaging and washing his soles and toes. Finally, dried off and almost ready to face the day, he turns his attention to his urgent cock, now a throbbing length of veiny meat in his hand as his fist pumps up and down, his foreskin slipping over the sensitive bulbous tip. He has an incredible cock, powerful and manly, the kind of dick any sane guy would love to worship for him. As the pleasure grows and his balls pull up close to his body the first of several cum splashes leap from his dong, splatting down and dripping from his wrinkled scrotum. It’s a masterfully teasing solo, a perfect way to start the day, but we all know it won’t be the last cum load this horny boy erupts before returning home.

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