FrenchTwinks – In the Boys’ Restroom


In the restroom of the boarding school, Justin is standing in front of a urinal, cock in hand when Enzo arrives to satisfy an urge. The two boys are side by side and while Enzo is pissing, Justin is watching him out of the corner of his eye with a little timidity but a lot of desire. The vision of his schoolmate’s dick seems to excite Justin who begins to get hard. Enzo notices the insistent look on him and the two boys smile at each other before Enzo catches Justin’s cock.
Enzo and Justin kiss and start to jack off mutually. Their two beautiful hard cocks rub against each other then Enzo kneels and offers a blowjob to Justin. The excitement rises and it’s then Justin who’s sucking Enzo before he gives a finger and eats his ass. Enzo spends a long time playing with the tight hole of his friend, licking and expanding it gradually. Justin moans and is hard as wood when Enzo starts to penetrate him.
Enzo fucks Justin with power, the twink resting against the tile takes assaults with pleasure and requests for more. Justin will then ride Enzo’s cock lying on the floor and he will explode with pleasure in a powerful jet of sperm. The belly still covered with his cum Justin is pounded one last time by Enzo who will end up cumming on his face.

Belami: Jean-Luc Bisset & Danny Defoe


belami_jean-luc_danny_019belami_jean-luc_danny_022 Jean-Luc and Danny are here today for this special couples photoset. While we are more used to seeing Jean-Luc paired up with Nino Valens, we think that Danny makes a perfect partner for him here. Both boys are handsome, lean, sexy and qualify under the banner of ‘twink’, making a nice contrast from the run of more athletic boys we have had recently.
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Broke Straight Boys – Carter Blane & Kodi



Whenever Kodi is in the BSB studio, an angel gets his wings (grin). The fan favorite shares today’s scene bed with horse hung Carter Blane. It’s been too long since Carter’s last appearance. He’s back due to never ending bills. “Bills suck,” Kodi observes. Who can argue with that, especially when the words come out of such a sexy mouth? Both of these dudes are pros, so they strip rather quickly. The performers jerk their individual slabs, getting hard with ease. Kodi blows first and Carter moans the moment his head is licked. “You like that,” Kodi asks. “You have such a big cock.” Kodi’s sweet mouth is stretched to the max. Released: 2012-11-24
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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon & Max Flint



When asked by the cameraman, Paul Canon has no memory of his first scene with Max Flint. “Yep. Forget it right after it was finished,” Paul replies with a smile. We’ll forgive this bout of amnesia because there is videotape proof. Plus, he’s back on the couch with Max again. This time Paul will get a chance to feel what Max’s ass feels like. Want to bet he won’t forget that? For some reason Paul has Santa underwear on. However, it would be gauche to moan about that (grin). The models get naked and Paul sucks first. “It smells like mint down here,” Paul notes. Max chuckles, without giving a reason for his minty odor.
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Boy’s Long Cock Pumps Cum Deep



Sexy boys Zack and Corey are a perfect match for each other. Corey has an amazing body and a long uncut cock that Zack loves to suck and lick. The boys pleasure their juicy teenage dicks as they swap their lengths, but soon enough handsome Zack is offering his perfectly tight ass for his lover to slide into, raw and deep. Corey has an incredible long uncut cock, Zack loves to feel it gushing hot semen deep inside him, it always makes his cock start splashing too!

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Belami Online – Bastian Dufy, Liam Efron


12336-jambo-africa-bastian-dufy-liam-efron-00112336-jambo-africa-bastian-dufy-liam-efron-002 There may be few places (other than in politics) where you are rewarded for cheating, but playing pool against Liam is one of them. In fact, win or lose, every one is a winner when playing for blowjobs and sex. As the boys stay in Cape Town goes on, they become more and more relaxed with each other, and as this scene demonstrates, we could almost do away with our directors altogether and just film the daily goings on of the boys.
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Bare Twinks – A Thick Cock For His Ass



Chris is looking more like his unique self again thanks to that shocking splash of colorful hair, it certainly gets attention, especially from sexy boys like Cooper. The two are quickly making out and stripping off their clothes, sucking greedily on those hard young cocks and building up their cum loads for the main event. You can imagine how hot that’s gonna be, and you won’t be disappointed!

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