BoyFun: Nick Danner & Casper Ivarsson



Nick Danner fell in love with blonde twink Casper Ivarsson the moment his eyes saw him. After a paddle boat ride on the lake, all the twink from Colombia could think about, was how sweet the dick of Casper would taste. Lucky for him and us, Casper was thinking the same thing, and the date ended up back the house, where Casper bareback fucked the hell out of Casper until both cum so hard, in this scene from Boyfun.

LatinBoyz: Gabriel Grant Has A Big Cock


19 year old Gabriel Grant admits he has a baby-face and loves to see the expression on other guys’ faces when he pulls out his big thick cock and lets them know he’s an aggressive top that loves to fuck. Despite being a top, he has no problem showing us his hot ass and admits he loves getting rimmed. He’s Dominican, and from New York. His tight toned body is natural. The only working out he does is fucking. What better exercise is there? Height: 5ft 9 inches Weight: 130 lbs. Dick: 8.5″ cut.

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Staxus – Boy Scouting Fuckers Sc. 4



With the scouting season coming to an end for Jamie, theres no better way of sayying farewell than with Jake Stark to cheers up the young lad in the best way he can! With both boys kissing and stripping each other Jamie is quick to go down to his knees and start sucking on Jakes cock, and too gets down to get a taste of Jamie’s cock, But Jakes true nature is pleasing, so he follows jamies lead which takes him to a bench where with his legs spread open, Jamie starts rimming Jakes ass whilst jerking himself off.


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Latin Boyz – Legend Has A Big Cock Pt 1


Age 18 – Height 5′ 7″ – Weight 130 lbs. – Colombian.
When we first met Legend we thought his nickname was a little pretentious but then he pulled out that huge uncut Colombian cock. Now that’s a legendary cock for sure! He’s a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida.

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Toy Play Doesn’t Compare To Pal’s Big Dick

07 YoungLadFindsToyPlayDoesnrsquotCompareToHisPalrsquosBigDick

Heroes such as firefighters need their downtime as much as anybody else – and in the case of Alessandro Katz that clearly involves lazing on his bed and playing with his toys. Katz’s toys consist of a collection of butt-plugs and dildos, which Tony Conrad promptly discovers under the lad’s uniform when he walks into the room. His initial surprise overcome, Conrad decides to assist his young colleague by thrusting some of the equipment up Katz’s arse – a move that clearly excites the horny pup, who is soon sporting the kind of hard-on that a guy like Conrad is never, ever able to resist. As a result, the pair are quickly engaged in a hot play session like no other; with Katz taking everything that his buddy can push in his direction, whilst savouring the delight of Conrad slurping on his thick, aching cockhead. Of course it’s no time at all before Katz’s horned-up little pucker is having to accommodate Conrad’s meaty, uncut shaft. He’s soon riding dick like an experienced whore, as Conrad pounds away in a variety of positions – finally culminating in Katz’s slit being literally creamed by a cascade of gooey jizz.

8teenBoy – Smooth Boys Fuck Bare


Twink titan, Trevor Harris has invited new dude, Charlie Flynn over to his place for some after school fun. The moment Harris closes his bedroom door, he realizes the newbie isn’t there to play video games, or any games at all! Cock charmer Charlie comes in hot, and plants a kiss on his host, letting him know what he’s there for. From then on, hottie Harris and the strawberry blond boy babe go balls to the wall! After tearing one another’s shirts off, Charlie works his way down Trevor’s tight torso with cock stiffening kisses. He takes his time unwrapping Trevor’s protruding package; then, he stuffs every thick inch of the guy’s girthy gift down his hungry gullet.

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DoggyBoys – Bareback Teen Boy Lovers


After long lectures and boring classes Leo Alfano and Kenton Tore can’t wait to press their flesh together, heading straight to the bedroom. They’ve been thinking about this all day, their love for each other soon displayed with tender kisses and the slow removal of clothing. Their smooth bodies meet and the heat between them rises, Kenton’s hunger for his boyfriend becomes too much. With his pants off and his thick cock revealed Leo is hard in an instant, lovingly sucked and licked by his handsome friend. He can’t seem to get enough of Leo’s cock, but when attention turns to his tight and smooth little hole he’s more than happy to relinquish control.

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