Freshmen: Jim Durden & Ben Radcliffe


durden_radcliffe-002durden_radcliffe-003durden_radcliffe-004durden_radcliffe-005durden_radcliffe-006Sex Education at Freshmen University is more “hands on” then at your typical college. We believe that experience can impart more knowledge than any theory learned from a textbook. At least these are the words of wisdom Kevin gives to young Ben Radcliffe before sending him out to practice what he’s learned in his sex 101 class.
durden_radcliffe-009durden_radcliffe-010durden_radcliffe-011durden_radcliffe-013durden_radcliffe-015Kevin wisely appoints Jim Durden to provide this instruction. Professor Durden gives the wannabe porn-star outstanding lessons in state-of-the-art blow job techniques, advanced rimming and doctorate-level fucking. freshmennet-danny-defoe-horizontal-banner

Enigmatic Boys – Oliver: Yellow Beach -2


enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-001 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-002 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-003 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-004 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-006 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-007 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-008 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-009 enigmatic-boys-eb-oliver-yellow-beach-part-2-010
Imagine you are walking along a secluded beach on a warm summer day, so horny your stiff dick strains against your speedo, when around the next bend, you look up to see gorgeous young uncut boy Oliver frolicking naked on the rocks…Tell me, ‘Daddy’, what happens next..?? (Part 2)

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BoyFun – Casper Ivarsson – Ron Negba


When twinky star Ron Negba wants something he just goes for it, not that his friend Casper Ivarsson is at all complaining about that when he’s accosted reaching for a snack in the fridge. The boy’s big uncut cock is quickly freed from the confines of his pants, rising up to meet Ron for some sucking. Their BoyFun has only just started, of course, he’s soon being led to the couch where both boys turn up the temperature even more, stripping out of their restrictive clothes to swap their delicious young dongs in a session of mutual cock appreciation. With the taste of each other on their lips and their smooth twinky bodies naked for exploring sweet Ron reveals what he’s really been craving, sliding his naked little rump down on his pal’s impressive dong. Casper loves the feel of his friend’s warm and tight hole around his cock, reaching to stroke Ron’s hooded shaft while he eases his slim frame up and down in his buddy’s lap.

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8teenBoy – Hung Hookup – hx126-scene45


Super sized schlong slingers, Kurt Niles and Chase Williams team up in this dream of a scene and push the peter meter over the edge! We join the dicknamic duo already hot and heavy, kissing passionately. Chase ups the ante, peels off his shirt, then works his way down Kurt’s tight body to that big slab of beef bulging beneath the porn prince’s pants. He teases the boy’s bone with some over the undies action before sliding the schlong snuggie off, and dining on ALL that dick. Chase downs every incredible inch of of the throat choker to the base, then works the bust filled balls a bit. Our dick devil comes up for air, then plants a kiss on Kurt, whips off his pants, and plants his porntastic piece right at Kurt’s hungry cock sucker. He fucks the hottie’s face, pulling Kurt deep down onto his dick by his jet black hair.

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Gay Teen Studio – Taras – Soft & Uncut


Taras, from Gay Teen Studio, has always been my absolute favorite boy of all time. I decided to post more photos here from my favorite of his photo shoots-‘Dildo Fuck’. I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of ‘Daddy’ who has always loved the sight of a beautiful boy’s soft uncut cock.

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