Freshmen #182: Helmut, Jerome & Benny


What a way to say, “Welcome to Freshmen”. To be paired with both Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery for your first scene? Wow. This is what Lady Luck blessed Benny Saverin with. Our size-queen-in-chief, GD, let slip the fact that our eager Freshmen has a very nice dick which set the competitive friends fighting over who gets to bottom for him.
They fell back on the usual “rock, paper, scissors” and Helmut won the right to be the lucky bottom. To show his friend there are no hard feelings, he treats him to a good dicking as well. With a welcome like this, our guess is that Benny is staying for a while. Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Benny Saverin freshmennet-danny-defoe-horizontal-banner

Daddy’s Boy Ch 11: Family Secret


Young teen Austin comes home to find his sexy step-daddy and step-brother hanging out on the couch. When older step-brother Jeff steps out of the room, the two lovers can’t resist making out and touching each other all over. And when Jeff catches them in the act, all he can think about is getting his mouth and cock on his sexy step-bro’s hole again–with step-daddy there to fill him as well! Lucky Austin gets to take the raw cocks of his favorite family members, leaving his hole gaping and full of their seed! Austin Locke, Alex Killian

Family Dick is a FANTASY porn site about men and boys 18+ pretending to be Fathers, Sons, Step-Fathers and Uncles with sexy Family Secrets! family-dick-horizontal-banner-2020

Belami Online – Annaud, Saradon & Faris


Today’s scene was supposed to be Peter getting fucked by Andre Boleyn, but it turns out his dick has OOS (I suspect from fucking Jamie too hard a few days before) and he has to pull out of the scene. This puts his buddy Adam in a bit of a bind, as he now has to search for a new scene partner willing and able to fuck Peter, who thinks he will need 2 guys to make up for the lack on Andre.
Luckily there is a house full of takers for the job and within minutes Peter is happily being tag teamed by Jordan and Justin.
While filming with this group of guys there are always little crises to deal with, we rely on the adage that alls well that ends well, and it certainly ends well for Peter today, who actually had to stop the filming twice as he was going to cum too soon if he let the boys continue fucking him.
For those of you who love big dicked bottoms this is certainly a scene for you! belami-online-horizontal-banner

80 Gays – Michael, Richard & Fred


Black African twinks Fred and Micheal get naked and enjoy some cock sucking on a wooden chair. After a hot oral exchange, big hard cock finds willing hole and the guys get down to some serious fucking. Moving to the floor, the two ebony boys continue with their bareback romp, when suddenly they are surprised by the arrival of Richard. He is invited to join the party and a raw threesome follows, until everyone is ready to release. The trio decide to have a stroke and cum contest to finish off this hot threeway.

80 Gays – Twinks Rony, Andrew & Jay


Andrew and Jay invite Rony over, wanting a taste of his cock and ass. Andrew releases Rony’s big black dick and goes down on it. Then Jay sucks Rony, while he services Andrew’s big cock. Jay wants to get fucked and lowers himself onto Rony, while Andrew licks his nipples, and Rony strokes his dick. Then Andrew takes his turn riding Rony bareback, as Jay strokes his meat. Andrew bends over the sofa and Rony’s balls slap his ass, as he pounds deep into that black ass. Jay sucks on Andrew, while he bounces on Rony’s black cock. Then he lies on his side and Rony fucks him raw. Andrew shoots his cum all over Jay’s fingers and Jay licks it up. The smell of cum makes Rony unload on Andrew, and Jay licks his dripping dick clean. Finally, Jay strokes himself off, adding his own jizz to the mess.

Daddy’s Boy Ch 5: Halloween Bonus


As a special Halloween bonus to the dedicated perverts that have made FamilyDick a leader in daddy/son fantasy porn, we’ve released an extra special holiday video. Horny teen Austin is out trick-or-treating as an adorable little fox when his step-daddy brings him to the final house of the night. And who should answer the door but their favorite family doctor. The two men unwrap him like a piece of candy and devour his firm young body.

Family Dick is a FANTASY porn site about men and boys 18+ pretending to be Fathers, Sons, Step-Fathers and Uncles with sexy Family Secrets!

Jake Olsen, Vitali Kutcher & Richard Hicks


Twink boy Vitali Kutcher is a houseproud guy, always tidying up after his roommate Richard Hicks. He doesn’t like it much when Richard invites a friend over to stay and they leave crumbs on the couch and towels in the bathroom, but his dedication to keeping the apartment clean is about to pay off! He had no idea Richard and his friend Jake Olsen are interested in cock, but if he’d paid attention to the sticky tissues he’s had to clean up plenty of times and the sounds coming from Richard’s room he might have worked it out sooner. After catching the boys groping each other on the couch he confronts them, and we’re not sure where it’s leading when he seems shocked that they’re gay. Perhaps not surprisingly, all it takes is Richard encouraging him to take a seat and within moments his own long and bulbous cock is out of his jeans, his lips wrapped around Jake’s wet shaft and his own throbbing young tool being licked and slurped by his roommate! It’s an incredible feast of cock sucking, all three boys servicing each other and switching back and forth to enjoy as much hard young meat as they can. The guys are so perfectly suited, all smooth and fit, with hot little butts, hungry mouths and demanding dicks, it’s no wonder they’re all having so much fun.

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Twinks Eric, Oliver and Alex Bareback


Eric’s friends Alex and Oliver are eager to get a taste of his enormous black cock. Both Asian twinks want to feel that huge Black African meat deep inside their tight little ass. Eric rips into Oliver’s ass in a hot bareback spit roasting, where all of the boys enjoy lots of kinky fun. Oliver is the first to cum, shooting all over Alex. Alex then takes Eric’s donkey dick deep, while Eric sucks Oliver’s cock to get him ready for a second cum shot. Then the tables are turned and Alex gets face fucked by Eric, which makes him so horny he releases his load. That triggers a huge cum gusher from their black friend, and a second load from Oliver.

Evan Ryker, Jake Olsen & Gregor Gilead


People have all kinds of ideas about what constitutes the perfect kind of wake-up call, but whether you would normally answer breakfast in bed or a strong coffee while walking the dog, you’ll have to admit that this kind of horny encounter beats every other option hands-down. Cute twink Gregor has been snoozing on the couch in nothing but a t-shirt and some sexy tight rainbow undies showing off his impressive bulge, it’s no wonder handsome lad Evan and his hung friend Jake are so easily enticed. Within moments twunk boy Evan has his gorgeous cock out, slapping his boner in the boy’s face while Jake focuses on the lad’s quickly throbbing bulge. We have no idea what the boy was dreaming of to make his dick grow like that before they got there but it can’t have been hotter than the sight of him feasting on fit Evan’s meaty tool while his own is slurped by Jake. The two are eager to share him between them, getting naked and swapping boners.

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BoyFun – Jake Olsen, David Sky & Alex Faux


We can always expect young Alex to encourage his friends into sharing some BoyFun, but he doesn’t need to try too hard to get gorgeous boys David and Jake to share their boners with him.
The Spanish sun is beating down on Alex and his new friend Jake while the boys take a refreshing dip in the pool, but as their bodies meet and their lips come together their intent becomes more clear. The duo are sexy enough, but the arrival of handsome blond David only gets the two more excited, which is entirely understandable given how gorgeous the young man is.
He wasn’t intending to join them while he cleaned the pool around the boys, but with a playful shove he’s soon ensnared in their horny games. That’s what happens when you look like he does around these two boys.

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