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Helix Studios – Raw Rollers – hx121-scene41


Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day roller blading and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy hot kiss on a pier that ends with mischievous Mills pushing Cole in the bay! Afterwards Joey offers the soaking wet sexpot a towel in his car and a dryer at his place and we quickly catch on to Mills master plan. Cole catches on too, but plays along since he’s anxious to get at that anaconda Joey is famous for. He’s finally warm, dry and looking dangerously delicious in a towel that soon falls to the floor just as quickly as Cole goes to his knees to come face to face with that infamous anaconda and he doesn’t let this moment go to waste. (more…)

Bare Twinks – Bareback Top Twink On Demand



Dylan is a gorgeous boy, naturally he has a lot of equally gorgeous friends who will always drop whatever they’re doing to come and stick their big bare cock in his snug little rump! He’s got some time to himself and James is the first boy to get the call, that’s all it takes, he’s on his way over in moments. As soon as he arrives the two stunning boys are making out and sucking those cocks, showing off those smooth and sexy twink bodies and slurping the precum out of each other.
James’ gorgeous cock slides into Dylan’s pucker and the pounding is on. Watch as the slim lad takes it from above, gets it doggy at the end of the bed and lays back over the edge to take it deeper still, jerking his juices out over himself and taking a shower of milky cream all over his balls while James unloads! As the raw sticky dick slides back into his ass the boys pant with satisfaction, as do we.

Staxus – COCKSURE, Sc.1: Rob Bisset, Jacob


Rob Bisset arrives for a rather unique casting, after talking about his life, past experience, and to his scene partner, they both very eagerly get down to action! As Jacob is already rock hard, Rob doesn’t think twice about getting his lips around his cock, before flipping the situation around so Jacob can try his. But that’s not all! Soon Rob is going to try what a Staxus boys ass feels like, so after some deep rimming he starts to penetrate the young lad in all the imaginable positions, all before ending in the young boys mouth!

Staxus – COCKSURE, Sc.2: Dieter Haas, Rajeev Kapur



Having a wank on your own is always a pleasure, of course; but, as the adage goes, two heads are better than one, and no less so when it comes to enjoying the best boy-on-boy sex. As such, Dieter Haas and Rajeev Kapur – both new lads to the STAXUS scene – are soon relishing the pleasure of each other’s hard dicks; taking it in turns to gobble away feverishly on throbbing cock, before the exotic-looking Kapur flexes his pert little rump in Haas’s direction and invites his pal to give him the furious rimming that he feels he deserves. (more…)

BoyFun – Antony Carter – Taylor Blaze


Sporty boy Antony Carter won’t say no to a game of strip snap when his friend Taylor Blaze offers, he always seem to have luck on his side and his quick reflexes usually means he’s the first to call it. After only a few rounds Taylor is down to his tight little undies and his big cock is already out and throbbing. If Antony was unsure whether this was going to lead to some BoyFun at the start the sight of that big throbbing teen cock is all the evidence he needed. Within moments he’s lost the next round and his cock is out too, signalling the start of the two friends locking lips and stroking each other, their hard erections leaking precum from their swollen tips while they move their innocent game of cards to a full-on bareback butt banging. The smooth boys trade their boners with equal vigor, their wet tongues lapping at each other, their rigid dicks twitching and bouncing, their balls churning over in their sacks as the pleasure of their shared oral encourages the production of lashings of twink cum. (more…)

Staxus – Flip-Flop Lovers Taste Raw Dick!



It’s breakfast-time at the mission house, and the boys are not unnaturally very hungry; but for Mark Fontana and Lucas Drake it’s an appetite of a much more carnal nature that’s concentrating their attention. So much so that at the first opportunity they’re snogging each other’s faces off and ripping off their clothes. Of course, anyone who knows these boys would never expect anything less; and it will come as little surprise to see fall to his knees in order to worship his pal’s succulent, uncut shaft and beautiful low-hangers. Nor will anyone be particularly amazed to see Drake returning the favour – feasting on Fontana’s nicely curved ramrod and acting out the bitch. (more…)

Helix Studios – Sunny Side Up – hx122-scene82


Bulging and beautiful in his morning sweatpants, Aiden Garcia attempts to get breakfast going for his naughty overnight guest Josh Brady. Brady wakes and would rather make a meal out of Garcia and his growing groin in those hot grey sweats! The guys get one another going with a morning make out/meat manhandle before Aiden drops to his knees to suck Brady’s big breakfast sausage. Josh knows the giant lurking inside Aiden’s drawers and releases the beast for a simultaneous stroke session before blowing the beautiful boy on the kitchen counter. With no breakfast, Aiden decides to feed his other hunger and turns his tender twink hole towards Brady’s beef as he bends over onto counter. Josh is more than happy to fill the starving slut and smashes his bareback breakfast bone balls deep, filling Aiden completely. (more…)

8teenBoy – Sneaking Around – hx126-scene80



There are few things more exhilarating than sneaking a fuck buddy into your bed when your roommates asleep! The added excitement of trying to be quiet when you’re hole is getting hammered takes it to a whole new level! This is especially difficult for Caleb Gray, who’s gonna have a tough time muffling his moans of pleasure when colossally cocked Chase Williams cums knocking! He warns his hot hook up about his sleeping roommate; then, before he knows it, his cock is clogging Chase’s throat and the sounds of sex fills the air. Williams waxes the boy’s knob like a pro; but, Gray can’t wait to gobble down Chase’s super sized slab. The curious cock sucker sits up and comes face to face with the big bulge protruding from Williams’ tight, white undies and pulls them down. (more…)

Staxus – MASTERSTROKE, Sc.4: Andy Watson, Joel Tamir



Sometimes the best sex in our lives occurs in the most undesirable of contexts – after a bad argument, for example, or when someone’s having to leave for work commitments. Which is exactly the situation boyfriends Andy Watson and Joel Tamir find themselves in when the latter packs his suitcase to spend a fortnight away from home. Needless to say, both boys look as miserable as fuck at the prospect; but the parting session that ensues really is as hot as anything you’re ever likely to see. (more…)

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