Unfair and Perverse Punishment

Principal Marguet discovers graffiti in the immaculate toilets of the boarding school. Since the inscription is in English, for Mr. Marguet the culprit is all but found, it can only be Clark Lewis, the young British in school exchange. The student protests and swears that he’s the author of the tag but the Principal doesn’t want to know anything and orders him to clean it by slapping his buttocks with a metal ruler.
During Clark rubs the toilet wall, Paul Delay arrives and starts pissing while telling his point of view to Clark about the unfair discipline the Principal applies. The young English boy observes with fascination his comrade urinating, then he approaches suddenly and kisses Paul.
The situation is dangerous because the Principal or another student can surprise them at any time, but the two boys are terribly excited by the forbidden and start to jack off each other.